Safety Signs in Portuguese. Nas empresas Brasileiras há muitos avisos

Safety Signs in Portuguese

What’s up people? In our Dica today we will talk about Safety Signs in Portuguese. Many companies have quite a few safety signs in Portuguese to help keep the peace and good relationship between groups of employees during work hours. And in Brazil, you’re not always going to find it in other languages, so pay attention and be safe! Let’s see some of the most common signs:

Common Signs Used in Brazil

Safety Signs in Portuguese. Proibido fumar.


Safety Signs in Portuguese. Proibido correr.


Safety Signs in Portuguese. Proibido jogar lixo.


Safety Signs in Portuguese. Careful! Flammable.


Safety Signs in Portuguese. Risk of accidents. Warning to protect employees from possible accidents like falling on a wet or recently waxed floor.

ACCIDENT RISKSafety Signs in Portuguese. Aviso Não entre a menos que seja autorizadoNO ENTRY ALLOWED

Safety Signs in Portuguese. Saída de Emergência.EMERGENCY EXITSafety Signs in Portuguese. Cuidado Alta VoltagemWARNING! HIGH VOLTAGESafety Signs in Portuguese. Proibido EstacionarDO NOT PARK

Safety Signs in Portuguese. Incêndios.FIRE (Fire Extinguisher)

With these signs we can be way safer, isn’t it right guys?
Are there any signs in your company? Which are the most common?

We will see you on our next Dica, and be careful not to miss any of them!
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