Bakery in Portuguese

two portuguese students having a cup of coffee and some cake in a bakery in brazil. example in portuguese: eles adoram tomar um cafezinho na padaria.

Are you hungry? Let’s learn today about bakery in Portuguese, and how they work in Brazil! Do you know the vocabulary related to it, like bread, cheese, ham, butter, and cake in Portuguese? Let’s learn more about Brazilian coffee and the special pão de queijo!

Bakery in Brazil

Have you had breakfast today? Come with us and let’s learn all about these special foods. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It sets us up for the entire day! You must try food from bakery in Brazil, it’s AMAZING, trust me! In our classes we will take you to the bakery and we’ll eat a traditional Brazilian pão de queijo. In addition to that, we also get to enjoy a lot of RioLIVE! activities together!

We have many diverse types of cakes and bread, for example. But the typical breakfast for a Brazilian always involve some coffee and bread for sure (words we will totally learn today!). There are many different types of bread, cake and coffee in Brazil, but if you want to learn more about Brazilian coffee, we have a Dica exclusively talking about it.

Let’s check out some interesting things we can find in a bakery in Brazil:

Cake in Portuguese

different types of cake with an example in portuguese. qual é o seu bolo favorito?

Did you know cake in Portuguese is called bolo? We have many diverse types of cake, with different ingredients in the dough, filling or topping.

  • Some cakes have special ingredients in the dough, like bolo de fubá (cornmeal cake), bolo de cenoura (carrot cake), bolo de milho (corn cake).
  • There are also cakes made with some fruits, like bolo de banana (banana cake), bolo de laranja (orange cake) and bolo de limão (lemon cake).
  • An extremely popular cake in Brazil has a brigadeiro filling and chocolate dough, which is called bolo de brigadeiro (chocolate cake).
  • Finally, we have cakes with toppings, like the popular bolo de cenoura com chocolate (carrot cake with chocolate topping).

Bread in Portuguese

On the other hand, bread in Portuguese is called pão! The most popular for sure is pão francês (French roll), which is baked daily by every bakery in Brazil. Let’s check out some other popular types of bread in Brazil:

  • Some fit people enjoy some breads made with special grains, like pão de linhaça (linseed bread), pão de aveia (oat bread) e pão de chia (chia bread).
  • There is a bread that is called pão australiano (Australian bread), which has a brown appearance and has honey in the composition.
  • Finally, there is a type of bread extremely popular with kids: bisnaguinhas (mini rolls)! They are baked with milk and very small.

Vocabulary for Bakery in Portuguese

cheese bread from brazil with example in portuguese. pão de queijo é tudo de bom!

Now that you know more about types of bread and cake in Portuguese, let’s dive deeper in the vocabulary related to bakery in Portuguese. Do you know how to say cheese, ham, and margarine in Portuguese? They are exceedingly popular fillings for bread during breakfasts in Brazil, and always available to be sold in bakeries.

Pão francêsFrench roll
Queijo pratoPrato cheese
Misto quenteGrilled ham and cheese sandwich
Pão de queijoCheese bread
Broa de milhoCornbread
CafezinhoSmall coffee
BisnaguinhaMini roll (made with milk)
Pão de formaLoaf of bread
Café da tardeAfternoon coffee
Bolo de fubáCornmeal cake
Pudim de pãoBread pudding
Café da manhãBreakfast

Dialogue About Bakery in Portuguese

But how we use the vocabulary for bread, cake and Brazilian coffee in Portuguese, for example? Let’s check out how to use these words we just learned in a very typical conversation in the bakery:

Dona Cecília: Bom dia, Sr. Manuel!
Senhor Manuel: Bom dia! Como vai?
Dona Cecília: Vou bem, obrigada! Aproveitando o calor aqui do Rio.
Senhor Manuel: Sim. Está muito calor aqui na cidade maravilhosa. O que a senhora vai querer hoje?
Dona Cecília: Gostaria de dois pães franceses bem quentinhos.
Senhor Manuel: Então, D. Cecília, nós acabamos de pôr os pães no forno. Vão sair em oito minutos.
Dona Cecília: Não tem problema, eu espero.
Senhor Manuel: A senhora quer algo mais?
Dona Cecília: Sim, também quero 100 gramas de queijo prato e presunto. Vou fazer misto quente em casa.
Senhor Manuel: Tudo bem. Quer provar uns pães de queijo ou uns brioches? Estão bem fresquinhos!
Dona Cecília: Não, obrigada.
Senhor Manuel: Também temos essas broas de milho que ficaram prontas agora há pouco.
Dona Cecília: Ah! Eu adoro broas de milho. Acho que vou querer duas com um cafezinho.
Senhor Manuel: Boa ideia! Quer que passe margarina nelas?
Dona Cecília: Não precisa!
Senhor Manuel: Aqui estão as broas e o café. Gostaria de um pouco de açúcar?
Dona Cecília: Eu prefiro adoçante.
Senhor Manuel: Claro! Aqui está.
Dona Cecília: Senhor Manuel, quanto custam as bisnaguinhas?
Senhor Manuel: O pacote de bisnaguinhas custa cinco reais. O de pão de forma também.
Dona Cecília: Vou fazer um café da tarde para umas amigas. Acho que elas vão gostar. Me vê um pacote de cada e um bolo de fubá pequeno.
Senhor Manuel: Suas amigas gostam de pudim de pão? Está ótimo!
Dona Cecília: Não, mas meu marido sim. Vou levar um pedaço para ele.
Senhor Manuel: Perfeito. Os pães franceses acabaram de sair. São dois, não são?
Dona Cecília: Isso! Muito obrigada, Sr. Manuel!
Senhor Manuel: Posso ajudar em algo mais? Um croissant talvez? Uma baguete?
Dona Cecília: Eu agradeço, mas, não! Acho que já está bom! Vou engordar se comer tanto dessas delícias da sua padaria. Quanto deu minha conta?
Senhor Manuel: Foram R$ 23,10.
Dona Cecília: Aqui está. Obrigada!
Senhor Manuel: De nada, D. Cecília! Tenha um bom dia!

Dialogue About Bakery in Portuguese

Ms Cecília: Good morning Mr. Manuel!
Mr Manuel: Good morning! How’s everything?
Ms Cecília: Everything’s good, thank you! I’m enjoying the warm weather in Rio.
Mr Manuel: Yes. It is quite warm here in the marvelous city. What would madam like today?
Ms Cecília: I would like two French rolls, really warm.
Mr Manuel: Ms. Cecília, we just put the rolls in the oven. They will be ready in eight minutes.
Ms Cecília: Not a problem, I’ll wait.
Mr Manuel: Would you like anything else?
Ms Cecília: Yes, I would also like 100 grams of prato cheese and ham. I’m going to make a misto quente (grilled ham and cheese sandwich) at home.
Mr Manuel: Alright. Would you like to try some cheese bread or brioches? They’re fresh!
Ms Cecília: No, thank you.
Mr Manuel: We also have these cornbreads that are just now ready.
Ms Cecília: Oh! I love cornbread. I think that I would like two with a small coffee.
Mr Manuel: Great idea! Would you like me to put some margarine on them?
Ms Cecília: No, no need!
Mr Manuel: Here you go, the cornbread and the coffee. Would you like some sugar?
Ms Cecília: I prefer sweetener.
Mr Manuel: Of course! Here you go.
Ms Cecília: Mr. Manuel, how much are the mini rolls?
Mr Manuel: The packet of mini rolls costs five reais. The loaf of bread as well.
Ms Cecília: I am going to host an afternoon coffee with some friends. I think they would like hese. Can you give me a small packet of both, and a small cornmeal cake?
Mr Manuel: Do your friends like bread pudding? It is great!
Ms Cecília: No, but my husband does. I’ll take him a piece.
Mr Manuel: Perfect. The French rolls have just come out. It is two, right?
Ms Cecília: That’s right! Thank you so much Mr. Manuel!
Mr Manuel: Can I help you with anything else? Perhaps a croissant? A baguette?
Ms Cecília: I appreciate it, but no thanks! I think that’s fine. I’ll put on weight eating all these delicious things from your bakery. How much is the total?
Mr Manuel: It is R$ 23,10.
Ms Cecília: Here you go. Thank you!
Mr Manuel: You’re welcome Ms. Cecília! Have a good day!

Review Bakery in Brazil

Do you know how to buy a traditional Brazilian coffee, making your order in Portuguese? Let’s watch a vocabulary video to learn the pronunciation:

Exercise for Bakery in Portuguese

Before you leave, let’s practice this vocabulary that you’ve just learned. Complete this text with the words in Portuguese from our vocabulary list, like bread and cake:

Na França comem muito __________ e __________, mas aqui no Brasil também! Estou com muita fome e quero tomar __________, vamos na __________? Para acordar bem, vou começar tomando um __________ e para comer, um sanduíche de presunto e __________, o famoso __________. Se você estiver com muita fome, eu te dou um __________ do meu sanduíche. No meu café eu nunca boto __________, eu prefiro colocar __________ porque é mais gostoso! E para finalizar, vou comer um doce: um __________ bem gostoso. Que delícia, estou satisfeita e você?

All of this is making us hungry! Now we’ve learned a bit more about visiting the bakery in Portuguese. You can easily enjoy a bread, cheese and ham (and maybe even some cake!) in any bakery and make your order in Portuguese! If you want to know more about delicious Brazilian food, check out our Youtube channel. How about we visit a bakery here in Rio to practice while drinking some Brazilian coffee?

We’ll wait for you there!
Hugs from Rio & Learn!

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Na França comem muito baguetecroissant, mas aqui no Brasil também! Estou com muita fome e quero tomar café da manhã, vamos na padaria? Para acordar bem, vou começar tomando um cafezinho e para comer, um sanduíche de presunto e queijo prato, o famoso misto quente. Se você estiver com muita fome, eu te dou um pedaço do meu sanduíche haha. No meu café eu nunca boto adoçante, eu prefiro colocar açúcar porque é mais gostoso! E para finalizar, vou comer um doce: um bolo de fubá bem gostoso. Que delícia, estou satisfeita e você?

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