Bar do Mineiro in Rio de Janeiro

22 de July de 2019

Hello people! How are you today? Ready to learn Portuguese? In today’s Dica we are going to show you Bar do Mineiro in Rio de Janeiro. Bar do Mineiro is one of the best restaurants Santa Teresa and the most delicious thing you can order there is their famous feijoada. You can come with us to visit Bar do Mineiro on our Santa Teresa RioLIVE! Now, let’s learn about this wonderful restaurant and its owner.Β 

The owner

DiΓ³genes PaixΓ£o and one of his brothers decided to open a bar after his brother lost his job. Since they were both mineiros (people from Minas Gerais) living in Rio, the name was a no brainer. Before opening Bar do Mineiro in Rio de Janeiro, DiΓ³genes used to sell pieces of wood on the street, he had worked in a machine shop and a fabric factory among other things…  But he was always connected to the art world, so with the money he earned he bought paintings. That way, besides owning the bar he is also an art collector.Β 

About Bar do Mineiro in Rio de Janeiro

The bar was founded in 1992 and has an interesting decor including part of DiΓ³genes’ art collection. It is located in Santa Teresa, a neighborhood that is between the South zone and Central zone of Rio de Janeiro. Besides the amazing food that you can eat there, it is located in a very special place because Santa Teresa is on a hill and therefore the neighborhood has some incredible views. The place is so delightful that you won’t want to leave!Β 

Take a look at our video to learn more about the Bar do Mineiro. Don’t forget to turn the subtitles on!

Feijoada at Bar do Mineiro

Students eating feijoada at Bar do Mineiro.

Now you know where to go and how to get there. But do you know what feijoada is? If you want to learn more about one of the most famous dishes in Brazil and how to make them, check out our Dica about it. But, just to leave you with your mouth-watering, I’ll tell you that feijoada is a dish made with meat and beans and if you haven’t tasted it, YOU MUST do, NOW!

Location: Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro
Hours: Open daily from 11h00 to 23h00.
Cost: Medium.
Best time to go: Lunch time.
Best way to get there: Joining us on our Santa Teresa RioLIVE!

So, we are waiting for you in our next trip! Let’s get to know one of the best restaurants in Santa Teresa: Bar do Mineiro in Rio de Janeiro. Ready to fill your belly full of feijoada?

See you there!
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