Brazilian barbershops

19 de December de 2013

Brazilian barbershops

Brazilian barbershops. Ele foi ร  barbearia para fazer a barba.

Sup fellas! All good?

On today’s Dica we will talk about Brazilian barbershops. The search for places like this has increased a lot lately, given that men have been taking care of their looks way more now. With that in mind, we prepared an example of dialogue common to Brazilian barbershops, so the men can take care of theirย looks at the same time theyย practice Portuguese. Shall we?

Example of dialogue at Brazilian barbershops

Cliente: Boa tarde, Seu Matias.
Barbeiro: Boa tarde, Seu Julio.
Cliente:ย Seu Matias, preciso fazer a barba e um corte de cabelo.
Barbeiro:ย  Claro, Seu Julio. Sente-se aqui na cadeira. O senhor quer fazer tambรฉm um cavanhaque?
Cliente:ย Nรฃo, nรฃo. Obrigado. Prefiro fazer a barba simples.
Barbeiro: Certo. E o corte de cabelo? Como o senhor quer?
Cliente: Gostaria de um corte no estilo militar.
Barbeiro: Tudo bem entรฃo.


Barbeiro: Estรก pronto, Seu Julio. Veja.
Cliente: Perfeito, Seu Matias. Quanto custa?
Barbeiro: Sรฃo R$ 30,00.
Cliente: Aqui estรก. Obrigado, Seu Matias.
Barbeiro: De nada, Seu Julio. Atรฉ a prรณxima.

Translation of the dialogue

Client:ย Good afternoon, Mr. Matias.
Barber: Good afternoon, Mr. Julio.
Client: Mr. Matias, I need to shave my beard and cut my hair as well.
Barber:ย Of course Mr. Julio. Sit here on the chair. Would you like to have a goatee?
Client:ย No, no. Thank you. I prefer to have a simple beard.
Barber:ย Right. And what about the hair cut? How do you want it?
Client: I would like to have a buzz cut.
Barber: Very well then.


Barber:ย There you go, Mr. Julio, take a look.
Client: Perfect, Mr. Matias. How much for everything?
Barber: That would beย R$ 30,00.
Client:ย Here you go. Thank you, Mr. Matias.
Barber:ย You are welcome, Mr. Julio. See ย you next time.

The difference between a beauty salonย and a ย barbershop is that the beauty salon is specialized in hairย (both men and women go to beauty salons), but barbershops are specialized in beard (only men go to barbershops)ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s all folks!
We have learned a bit more about Brazilian barbershops. What about in your country, how does this type of service work?

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Relevant vocabulary

[one_third]Fazer a barba
Cortar o cabelo
Estilo militar[/one_third][one_third_last]To shave
To have a haircut
Buzz cut[/one_third_last]

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