Basketball in Portuguese

19 de July de 2016

Vocabulary for Basketball in Portuguese

A quadraCourt
O cΓ­rculo centralFree throw circle
A linha de trΓͺs pontosThree-point line
A linha de lance livreFree throw line
O garrafΓ£oLane
A tabelaTable
A cestaNet
O placarScore
O jogadorPlayer
A camisa de basqueteBasketball T-shirt
O short de basqueteBasketball shorts
O tΓͺnis de basqueteBasketball sneakers
A bola de basqueteBall

Types of Play

O passePass
O tocoRejection
O reboteRebound
A enterradaDunk
A marcação por zonaZone Defense
A marcação individualOne-on-One Defense

Types of Players

O alaSmall forward
O pivΓ΄Center
O armadorPoint guard

Verbs Used While Playing Basketball

Pular / SaltarJump

Pronunciation for Basketball in Portuguese

Let’s now check if our pronunciation is correct. Repeat after each word!

Did you know that the player with the greatest number of points in the world is Brazilian? His name’s Oscar Schmidt. He is currently in the Hall of Fame for his history in Basketball! You can learn much more about him and other Brazilian athletes following our Olympic Dicas on our Youtube channel.

We hope to see you there!
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