Basketball Vocabulary in Portuguese

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and, of course, at the Olympics. Today, we’ll learn a bit more about this sport. Let’s see the basketball vocabulary in Portuguese and the most common words and terms.

Basketball Vocabulary

Basketball Vocabulary in Portuguese. Basketball Court: A quadra de basquete.

Basketball Vocabulary in Portuguese. Parts of the baskeball court. The center circle: O círculo central.

Parts of the baskeball court. The 3 point line: A linha de três pontos.

Parts of the basketball court. The freethrow line: A linha de lance livre.

Parts of the basketball court. The key of shaded line: O garrafão.

The backboard: A tabela.

The basketball hoop: A cesta de basquete.

The score: O placar

The player: O jogador. Brazilian basketball player Nenê, playing for Brazil.

Basketball uniform. The basketball shirt: a camisa de basquete.

Basketball uniform. The basketball shorts: O short de basquete.

Basketball uniforme. The basketball shoes: Os tênis de basquete.

Basquete 13

Basquete 14

Basquete 15

Basquete 16

Basquete 17

Basquete 18

Basquete 19

Basquete 20

Basquete 21

Basquete 22

Did you know that the player with the most amount of points in the world is Brazilian? His name’s Oscar Schmidt.
You can learn much more about him and other Brazilian athletes following our Olympic Dicas on Youtube and Google+.

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