Beach Soccer Stars

Estrellas del Fútbol Playa.
Beach Soccer Stars.
The Best Team in Rio!

흐린 날에 저를 포함한 네명은 학원 근처 코파카바나 해변에서 비치축구를 하였습니다. 날이 흐려서 덥지 않아 더 좋았습니다. 저는 인생에서 축구를 해본 적이 거의 없습니다. 더군다나 해변에서 하는 축구는 처음이었지만 너무 재미있었습니다

An Jung Ming, South Korea

Beach Soccer Stars
Ready to score!

Besides being famous for its traditional football/soccer. Brazil has also its beach soccer stars, professional and gringo ones. That’s exactly what you have read, our Portuguese students proved that they are real beach soccer stars. They spent the day playing beach soccer at Copacabana beach.

For some of them, it was the first time, so we explained the rules (in Portuguese of course) and taught some basic movements. Some minutes later, they were already running, passing and kicking the ball all over the beach. After good matches and a lot of scored goals, they said that they weren’t professional players yet but they were already beach soccer stars.

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Beach Soccer Stars
Our awesome players!

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