Beach Volley Afternoon

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Gestern habe ich bei der Volleyball-Aktivität am Strand teilgenommen. Es war ein sehr lustiger und entspannter Nachmittag und eine schöne Gelegenheit, ein bisschen Sport zu machen, die anderen Schüler kennenzulernen und gleichzeitig den Strand der Copacabana zu geniessen. Sehr empfehlenswert!
Sophie Bohle, Germany. 
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Sun, beach and Rio de Janeiro. That was the perfect scenario for our RioLIVE! yesterday. As Rio & Learn is located really close to the beach, it was very simple to get at Copacabana’s Beach and play some exciting beach volley matches. It was a very interesting  activity, because we could meet others foreigners, for example, an Arab who were dressing typical clothes from his country .
Our students from Germany, Colombia, Iceland, The Netherlands and United States took part in our RioLIVE! and at this time they could try what is like to play some beach volley on the beach in a beautiful and sunny afternoon. We played for one hour and a half and we had a lot of fun, students could know each other a little bit better and improve their connection. Later some Brazilians joined us and the students could practice their Portuguese even more. We had funny and tight matches.
In the end of our activity, students could talk more with each other in Portuguese and relax along the beach, we are sure that they loved one more RioLIVE!, if you to learn Portuguese combined with a lot fun taking part in interesting and nice activities, Rio & Learn is your place.
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