Beach Volley Crew

La banda del Beach volley jugando en Copacabana.
Beach Volley Crew. Tourists at Copacabana Beach
Best students, players and posing experts! 🙂

The scene was almost too perfect! It´s not every day a lucky girl can play beach volleyball on the famous Copacabana Beach alongside the friendly locals. However, this did not stop me from brushing off my trustee overhand serve and relish in the victory against my fellow students. After a morning filled with lessons and revision, it felt great to blow off some steam with such a fun activity in the afternoon.

Gia Burrows, Bahamas.

Playing Beach Volley in Rio.
They know how put on a tough and good match!

We have the best Beach Volley Crew in Rio de janeiro. Our Portuguese students had a lot of fun playing at Copabana Beach and enjoying themselves speaking Portuguese and getting to know each other even more since there were students from different courses and levels!

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