Beach Volley and Portuguese

Beach Volley and Portuguese

Beach Volley and Portuguese. Playing beach volley at Copacabana Beach
Ready to play!

Wir waren gestern beim Beachvolleyball spielen, war eine super Erfahrung, vorallem wenn man vorher nie gespielt hat. Abgesehen davon habe ich viele neue Vokabel gelernt, vielen Dank hierfür!

Manuela Maier, Germany.

Beach Volley and Portuguese. People having fun at Copacabana Beach
Having a lot of fun in Portuguese.

Beach Volley and Portuguese, that’s what we had in our last RioLIVE! Activity. Copacabana Beach is famous all over the world because of the people who go there to tan, swim or just take a walk, but besides those activities, people can also practice a lot of sports there. Beach Volley is one of them, but nothing better than combining beach volley and Portuguese.

Beach Volley and Portuguese.
Good beach volley players!

We started our RioLIVE! doing a quick warm up on the beach, our students from Germany, United States and Ireland could show some of their skills passing the ball to each other. After finishing our warm up, we started playing and enjoying this activity, it was so good that even a Brazilian girl started playing with us and shared the fun. With each play, they were celebrating and joking with each other, the best thing was that they were doing in Portuguese, of course. The perfect combination of beach volley and Portuguese.

img_20161213_162939912_hdr-rio-learn img_20161213_163010364-rio-learn

img_20161213_162951240_hdr-rio-learn  img_20161213_162331869_hdr-rio-learn




In the end, they were really happy with one more RioLIVE! that took part in and can’t wait for the others to come. What about you? Come to Rio & Learn, study Portuguese and enjoy the best things in Rio taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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