An Amazing Beach Volley Squad

La escuadra del Beach Volley posando.

Soleil + Plage + Sport = un Rio Live typiquement carioca sur la plage de Copacabana juste en façe de l’école accompagné par l’un des proffeseurs les plus drôles de Rio (surtout lorsqu’il joue au volley). Bien sur après l’effort rien de tel qu’une caipirinha entre élèves pour continuer à pratiquer le portugais tout en récupérant.

Maxime Michalik, France

Beach Volley Squad
The Best Players!

Our Beach Volley Squad showed everybody how good they were playing this amazing and popular sport, Beach Volley. Brazil is popular because of its football, but playing Beach Volley on beach is very common here too. Many people also say that the sport of Beach Volley was born on the sands of Copacabana Beach.

We played good and tight matches and our students didn’t want to give the win away. Some cariocas also came over to play with us, they really liked because they could practice their Portuguese with a local out of the school’s environment.

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Beach Volley Squad

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