Beach, Volley and Sun

Beach, Volley and Sun.

Beach, Volley and Sun.

Notre école est très proche de la mythique plage de Copacabana. Il est donc logique d’y passer notre temps libre. Hier nous avons joué au volley, puis nous nous sommes relaxés sur la plage jusqu’au couché du soleil.

Loic Leconte, Belgium.

Yesterday we had a day full of beach, volley and sun. We met at Rio & Learn and went to Copacabana beach. The day was really beautiful with a lot of sun and heat, but it was also windy, which was a small problem for us to play beach volley.  So we played 7 cortes, a game based on the rules of beach volley that is practiced in Rio de Janeiro when friends get together at the beach.

SAM_4584 Rio & Learn SAM_4587 Rio & Learn SAM_4588 Rio & Learn SAM_4590 Rio & Learn SAM_4591 Rio & Learn SAM_4595 Rio & Learn SAM_4596 Rio & Learn SAM_4598 Rio & Learn

Our student Maria played a very important role in this RioLIVE! She was the one who taught the others students the basic rules of volley. This was a great moment to learn and practice the beach volley vocabulary. For us to come to a perfect end, nothing better than swimming in the sea of the beautiful Copacabana beach.

SAM_4601 Rio & Learn SAM_4604 Rio & Learn SAM_4605 Rio & Learn SAM_4607 Rio & Learn SAM_4610 Rio & Learn SAM_4611 Rio & Learn SAM_4612 Rio & Learn SAM_4613 Rio & Learn

Come and meet Rio & Learn and have fun with us participating on our RioLIVE! activities.

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