Beach Volley with Caipirinhas

Beach Volley with Caipirinhas. Playing beach volley and speaking Portuguese.

Our students ready to have fun and speak Portuguese.

Gestern waren wir nach der Schule am Strand und haben Beach volley gespiel, und danach waren wir in einer typischen Bar am Strand und haben relaxed bei Caipirinha, Cerveja…….Die Lehrer unserer Schule geben sich viel Muehe uns Schueleern ein abwechslungsreiches Program zu bieten.Sie organisieren ausgewaehlte typische Aktivitaeten die man in Rio eben so  macht!

Stefan Hübner, Germany.
Beach Volley with Caipirinhas. Drinking caipirinhas at Copacabana Beach.

After our great matches, nothing better than drinking caipirinhas and practice our Portuguese.

Yesterday our Portuguese students had a good experience with beach volley with caipirinhas. We played beach volley at Copacabana beach and had some great time with drinks after the activity. We started our RioLIVE! doing some warm up and getting ready for the game.

IMG_20170221_163711774_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_163911677_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_171435280_HDR Rio & Learn

After our warm up, our Portuguese students from Germany, Scotland, Belgium and Colombia started playing the game. It was a very good moment for them, there were students from many different levels, they could know each other, interact and the most important thing, practice their Portuguese together. The weather was perfect and Copacabana beach is the best scenario to enjoy it.

 IMG_20170221_164440619_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_164504796_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_164518073_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_164537527 Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_164601892_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_165148579_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_165154064_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_165420378 Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_165843763_HDR Rio & Learn

We had a lot of fun together playing beach volley. In the end, some other students from Canada, France, Australia and England showed up to join us and also have and this great combination of beach volley with caipirinhas on the beach.

IMG_20170221_171447853_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_173532198_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170221_190235083_HDR Rio & Learn

What about you? What are you waiting to learn Portuguese and have fun at the same time? Come to Rio & Learn and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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