Beach Volleyball in Portuguese

16 de August de 2016

Hi everyone! Today we have a very special Dica for you. If you like sports, you’re especially going to love it! So, we are going to learn about beach volleyball in Portuguese.

What do you know about Beach Volleyball in Portuguese?

If you’ve ever come to Rio, you probably saw many people playing beach volley on the beaches. Is a very common sport here. Our amazing beaches and pleasant weather create the perfect environment to play it! If you want to learn more about the rules and details of this sport, read this information here. And check out our students having fun at the beach with our Beach Volley RioLIVE! Can you play beach volley?If you can’t, don’t worry, come with us and we’ll teach you!

Now, let’s learn some words about Beach Volleyball in Portuguese.

Beach Volleyball in Portuguese. The ball: A bola de vΓ΄lei.

The Pole in Portuguese: O mastro.

The net in Portuguese: A rede de vΓ΄lei.

The sand in Portuguese: A areia. Portuguese language student laying on the sand of Copacabana Beach.

Beach volleyball in Rio de Janeiro. The line in Portuguese: A linha.

The beach volley players in Portuguese: Os jogadores de vΓ΄lei de praia.

Basic beach volleyball moves in Portuguese. The bump: A manchete.

Beach volleybal moves in Portuguese. The overhead pass: O levantamento.

Vocabulary of moves at a beach volleyball match in Portuguese. The serve: O saque.

Examples of beach volleyball moves in Portuguese. The spike: O corte.

Examples of defense in the beach volley in Portuguese. The block: O bloqueio.

Vocabulary list about beach volleyball in Portuguese

Here’s the list of the words above and more new words for you!

A bola The ball
O mastro The pole
A rede The net
A areia The sand
A linha The line
Os jogadores The players
A manchete The bump
O levantamento The overhead pass
O saque The serve
O corte The spike
O bloqueio The block
A partida The match
O time The team
O adversΓ‘rio The opponent
O toque Touch
O ataque Offense
Os pontos Points
A defesa Defense
Set Set
Vencer To win
Perder To loose
Cair To fall
Levantar To get up
O empate Tie / Draw

Did you know that in 2016 the Olympic games took place in Rio? Watch this video to see the arena and the vocabulary we’re studying. Take a look!

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To practice more, take a look at thisΒ quiz we have prepared for you. Identify the words from the pictures and vocabulary we’ve studied in this DicaΒ for beach volley in Portuguese:

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That’s it, my friends! Come learn Portuguese in Brazil with Rio & Learn and you’ll see that you can learn a lot by playing volley!

We’ll see you againΒ in the next Dica!
Bye bye!

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