Beach Volleyball Vocabulary in Portuguese

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Today we have a very special Dica for you. The Olympic Games are taking place in Rio de Janeiro and we are very close to the Beach volleyball arena. So today, we are going to learn the beach volleyball vocabulary in Portuguese.

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Beach Volleyball Vocabulary

Beach Volleyball Vocabulary in Portuguese. The ball: A bola de vôlei.

Beach Volleyball Vocabulary in Portuguese. The Pole: O mastro para prender a rede de vôlei.

Examples of beach volleyball vocabulary in Portuguese for foreigners. The net: A rede de vôlei.

The sand: A areia. Portuguese language student laying on the sand of Copacabana Beach.

Beach volleyball vocabulary in Rio de Janeiro. The line: A linha.

The beach volley players: Os jogadores de vôlei de praia.

Basic beach volleyball moves. The bump: A manchete.

Beach volleybal moves in Portuguese. The overhead pass: O levantamento.

Vocabulary of moves at a beach volleyball match. The serve: O saque.

Examples of beach volleyball moves in Portuguese. The spike: O corte.

Examples of defense in the beach volley. The block: O bloqueio.

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A bola
O mastro
A rede
A areia
A linha
Os jogadores
A manchete
O levantamento
O saque
O corte
O bloqueio
The ball
The pole
The net
The sand
The line
The players
The bump
The overhead pass
The serve
The spike
The block

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