11 Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro That You Have to Know

The best beaches in Rio de Janeiro. As melhores praias no Rio

What’s up galera! In today’s Dica do Dia you will learn all about the beaches in Rio de Janeiro! Have you ever wondered which ones are the best for a perfect day under the sun? Or if there are any need-to-see hotspots close to these beaches? In this Dica we’ll not only cover that, but much more! So fetch your sunglasses, and join us in exploring the marvelous city’s 11 best beaches!

1 – Praia Vermelha

Beaches in city of Rio de Janeiro

At the base of Sugarloaf Mountain, Praia Vermelha is really calm and surrounded by a paradisiac view. It’s a must stop on our RioLIVE! Although it doesn’t have big waves, this beach is very deep. Many people won’t stay in the water too long because of the depth. The name Praia Vermelha (red beach) is due to the fact that the beach become red when the sun sets because of the reflex of the light on the red crystals that can be found in the sand.

2 – Praia do Leme

Best beaches in Rio

Leme beach is a very calm beach that is really close to Leme Fort, where we also have our RioLIVE! It’s worth visiting Leme beach to see the costão do Leme, where many fishermen and tourists enjoy an amazing view of Copacabana beach, that extends until its fortress.

3 – Copacabana Beach

Beaches in Rio - Praia de Copacabana - Rio & Learn

Copacabana is probably the most famous beach in the world, and home to our beloved Rio & Learn. With four kilometers of waterfront, it also serves as a venue for popular events, including beach soccer, volleyball championships, and the famous New Year’s party.

This beach is also known as the “Little Princess of the Sea” (Princesinha do Mar) and has all the facilities you need! There are kiosks, lifeguard services, showers, toilets, regular police patrols, as well as bike paths. It’s a vibrant place and full of beautiful people!

The famous sidewalk next to Copocabana also features the statues of Carlos Drummond de Andrade, the poet, and Dorival Caymmi, the great musician.

4 – Arpoador Beach

Beaches in Rio - Relaxed sunset

Known for its gorgeous sunset, the famous Arpoador beach is right next to Copacabana. In one of our RioLIVE! activities, we watch the sunset in the Forte de Copacabana, an incredible place where it is possible to see Leblon, morro Dois Irmãos and Pedra da Gávea.

5 – Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro
Ipanema beach is known as the beach of different tribes. This is because the beach is divided in postos (numbered life-guard stations). Each posto is usually frequented by a different tribe! Let’s zoom in on a few of them:

  • Posto 7, The Surf Post: This post is very close to Praia do Arpoador. In addition to being a beautiful tourist spot, this post also houses many surf schools. If you don’t know how to surf but want to, then you can learn it step-by-step at one of these schools! Post 7 also features the statue of Tom Jobim, who wrote the legendary song Garota de Ipanema.
  • Posto 8, The LGBTQIA+ Friendly Post: Post 8 the Ipanema hotspot for the LGBTQIA+ community. It is close to several bars and a street frequented by this crowd.
  • Posto 9, The Illegal Post: Post 9 is often seen as the domain of artists and intellectuals. Besides that, it is also the most controversial place on Ipanema: it featured the first topless swimmers, and marijuana is also regularly consumed here.
  • Posto 10, The Peace Post: Located at the end of Ipanema beach, post 10 is known for being a quieter place frequented by many families. Post 10 is a stronghold for cultural activities, and there are some craft fairs, small squares for children, and art exhibitions nearby.

6 – Leblon Beach

Leblon Beach

Leblon beach is the beach that famous people often visit, and you can regularly spot artists, athletes, and other celebrities here It’s also a beach for families. It’s common to visit it on Sundays and see lots of families enjoying the day. At Leblon beach, it is possible to go to the mirante and have a wonderful view of the whole extension of the beach until Arpoador. The beach has two postos, 11 and 12, and it is often used as the background for tv shows, movies and soap operas in Brazil!

7 – Reserva Beach

Reserva beach is located at Barra da Tijuca and it’s known for its white and beautiful sand. It has a vibrant, relaxed atmosphere, and this West Zone beach is certainly worth a visit! This beach is known for being less chaotic than the other beaches in Barra da Tijuca. So, if you want somewhere to calm down, enjoy the view, and drink some caipirinhas: this is your place!

8 – Prainha Beach

Prainha - Beaches in Rio

Prainha is next to Grumari and it’s a great beach for surfers. The waves here are always big! Although this beach is somewhat difficult to get to (you can only way arrive by car, since there is no public transport!), but it is worth it! Surfers wake up at the at the crack of dawn to be the first ones to arrive at Prainha and enjoy the waves. Close to Prainha you also have the Mirante do Caetê, which has a beautiful view!

9 – Grumari Beach

Praia de Grumari - RioLIVE!

Grumari beach is more than a beach: it’s an ecological reserve. It is one of the few beaches in Rio de Janeiro that has no houses or buildings next to it. This beach is almost 2,5km wide, which is great because that means it’s never full! Brazilians consider this one of the cleanest beaches in Rio! Besides being a totally natural beach, it also has a section for nudists, Abricó beach.

10 – Praia do Meio

Praia do Meio - Rio & Learn

Meio beach is the penultimate Barra beach. It’s famous for its hiking trails and for camping. At this beach, people like to switch from the fast-paced rhythm of the city to the calm life next to the sea and nature. Besides that, there are some people who actually live here! It’s a beach with a unique atmosphere the needs to be visited.

11 – Perigoso Beach

Praia do Perigoso - Rio & Learn

Perigoso beach is the last of the Barra beaches. You can get the best views of Perigoso if you walk the Pedra da Tartaruga trail: you can even see the West Zone from there! Plus, you can abseil from the moutain hills. Our RioLIVE! activities also stop by Perigoso beach. Even though perigoso means danger in Portuguese, there is nothing to worry about! The name comes from an urban legend that a dangerous criminal used to hide near this beach, and that is why people would never go there. The urban legend was so strong that people simply nicknamed this beach Perigoso!

Map of the Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

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