Beaches of Barra – RioLIVE! Weekends

1 de January de 2022
Beaches of Barra. Prainha beach. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Beaches of Barra. Prainha beach is beautiful and nice.

Meeting: 08:00 at Rio & Learn
Costs: 190 reais
Includes: Round trip transportation + tour (Barra de Guaratiba, Praia do Perigoso, Grumari, Prainha and Praia do Pepรช)


Next Beaches of Barra dates

  • November 24th
  • December 29th

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The beaches ofย Barraย da Tijucaย are beautiful, and each one has its special charm. Some are quieter, others are better for surfing and other similar sports, but they are all spectacular.ย Grumari,ย Prainhaย andย Pepรชย are some of these beautiful beaches. The first is an environmental protection area since 1987 and holds a lot of vegetation and clear water, as well as Prainha. However, the beach of Pepe is a more crowded area, more accessible, closer to the city, and as a result you can find many celebrities and athletes there.

In addition, we will take a beautiful trail, where at the end we will be able to see a stone called Pedra do Telรฉgrafo. There, we can take loads of creative photos, seeing as from a special angle, an optical illusion is created which makes us appear as if we were falling.

On the nextย RioLIVE!ย Weekends we will visit these natural beauties and enjoy every moment as a true Carioca. It’s a great idea, right? We often need to breath fresh air, feel the sea breeze and take a dip to relax and release some stress from our daily lives. Therefore, knowing these wonderful beaches, surely will be a very cool experience.

Come toย Rio & Learnย School and study Portuguese with us. Youย willย surely ย make some unforgettable memories, having a lot of fun and practicing the language.

Beaches of Barra. Students at Pedra do Telรฉgrafo with a nice view from the top.
Beaches of Barra da Tijuca. Students at Pedra do Telรฉgrafo with a nice view from the top.

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