Beauties from Arraial do Cabo

Beauties from Arraial do Cabo

Beauties from Arraial do Cabo. Students jumping on the beach.
Beauties from Arraial do Cabo. Students jumping on the beach.

Four of us went on a weekend trip to Arraial do Cabo. It was a brilliant experience! We chilled on a beautiful beach all afternoon on Saturday. In the evening I explained how to play the drinking game King´s Cup (Ring of Fire for the other Brits) – all in Portuguese of course. I met a lot of locals while partying in the town centre, and tested my Portuguese flirting skills with one of the locals. Sunday we spent the day on a party boat touring the local beaches, swimming, and generally being awesome.

Daniel McMitchell, Scotland

On last RioLIVE! we spent our weekend enjoying the beauties from Arraial do Cabo. The students were very excited to meet the city, because they knew only by photos and they had the opportunity to see it really is a very beautiful place. This city is a paradise within Rio de Janeiro, with beautiful beaches, clear waters and magnificent scenery.

We went on Saturday, and then when we arrived, we left our bags at the hotel and visited the Praia do Forno. This beach is one of the most beautiful in the city. To get there, you need to make a track that has a phenomenal view of the landscape. We all enjoyed and took many beautiful photos. After that, we went down to the beach to relax a bit after swimming a lot.

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On Saturday night, we gathered at the hotel and played a drinking game, which was great fun and very excited to let us know a little of the city’s nightlife. After drinking game, we went out to eat pizza and there was a party in the main square. Of course we went to the party, danced a lot and met new people.

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After that, on Sunday morning we made a boat ride on the main beaches and islands from Arraial do Cabo. It was all very beautiful, the students were delighted with the natural beauties of the Praia do Atalaia, Ilha do Farol, Gruta Azul and Pedra do Gorila. The day was beautiful, in addition to it, the ride was very cool.

Come to Rio & Learn and practice portuguese having a lot of fun!

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