Beauties of Parque Lage

Explorando la naturaleza y las bellezas del Parque Lage.
Beuaties of Parque Lage. Exploring nature at Parque Lage
The Beauties of Parque Lages!

El parque lage es un sitio espectacular, poco conocido pero que nadie se puede perder en su estadia en Rio. Y conocerlo en RioLIVE! de Rio & Learn fue una experiencia inolvidable. Mil gracias.

Fernando Saavedra, Colombia.

Students at Parque Lage.
Having some fun and some selfies! 🙂

We visited the Beauties of Parque Lage in this RioLIVE! But we can say that our Portuguese students can be also part of the Beauties of Parque Lage. A beautiful and nice group visiting this place that is not very big for tourists, but it is as good as the other places in Rio to visit.

We started this RioLIVE! visiting the old house that shelters a very nice Art School. After visiting and taking good pictures in this place, our students were ready to visit the natural part that Parque Lage can offer. The perfect symmetry with Art, Nature and Portuguese practice. The true beauties of Parque Lage!

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