Beautiful Parque do Catete

Beautiful Parque do Catete

Beautiful Parque do Catete.
Beautiful Parque do Catete.

Yesterday we had a great time taking pictures and walking through the garden and the palace. We really enjoyed looking at the different architecture and designs of each room.

Julissa Garcia, United States.

Parque do Catete is really beautiful. Besides that, it’s a great place to relax and practice Portuguese. As our RioLIVE! was there, we enjoyed walking by a very calm place and took relaxed pictures there.

SAM_0628 Rio & Learn RioLIVE! at Parque do Catete. Students relaxing at Parque do Catete

After all this relaxing moment at the Parque we went to Palácio do Catete, where our students were able to learn the history of Brazil better. Students were very interested and payed close attention to all the photographs and information about the place. It was the perfect way to practice Portuguese, as students asked lots of questions, mainly about Getúlio Vargas.

History at Palácio do Catete. SAM_0637 Rio & Learn SAM_0638 Rio & Learn SAM_0639 Rio & Learn

And that was one more exciting afternoon with a wonderful RioLIVE! Come and discover Rio de Janeiro with Rio & Learn. It will be a great way to speak Portuguese and have fun at the same time.

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