Beautiful People at the Beautiful Garden

23 de August de 2022

Efter skolan gick vi till den botaniska trΓ€dgΓ₯rden i Rio. Det fanns massor av olika vΓ€xter och trΓ€d som inte finns i mitt land. Vi utforskade och omfamnade all den underbara naturen. Under vΓ₯rt besΓΆk trΓ€nade vi ocksΓ₯ vΓ₯r portugisiska.

Emily Atkinson, Sweden

Pedras Jardim BotΓ’nico

We experienced another great time with our international students at the Botanical Garden. During this RioLIVE! activity our diverse group representing many countries visited one of the most famous tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro. It was a beautiful way to interact with each other, practice Portuguese and get to know more of the wonderful city !

Jardim Botanico diverse

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