Beautiful Urca

Beautiful Urca

Enjoying Urca in front of the Sugar Loaf
Enjoying Urca in front of the Sugar Loaf

Der Untericht am ersten Tag war schon anstrengend aber hat auch sehr viel Spass gemacht. Die Aktivitaet am Nachmittag, (Spaziergang an der Copa und Urca) hat einen ersten toillen Eindruck von Rio verschafft. Freue mich auf die naechsten tage!

Marco Wagner, Germany.

Praia Vermelha
Praia Vermelha

Urca is a very well known and traditional neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, besides its beauty, it hosts The Sugar Loaf Mountain  and also Morro da Urca. Inside this beautiful place there also important institutions of the city such as: Federal University of Rio de janeiro (UFRJ), Military Engeneering Institute (IME) and the Benjamin Constant Institute. Besisdes the big important buildings over there, Urca has also a very residential vibe, with many old and beautiful houses, since it’s not very common in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Our students from Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Colombia and United States had this amazing experience of visiting Urca for the first time, they started the visit at Praia Vermelha, a very small but beautiful beach where they could take a lot of pictures and admire the landscapes of Rio, then we went for walk through the neighboorhood and they were getting more and more amazed with the views that Urca can offer.

In the end we stopped at Bar da Urca, where could have some drinks, enjoy the sunset and also have a nice conversation in Portuguese. We are sure that they really liked this activity and will be hungry for more, and You? What are you waiting for to try RioLIVE! Activities?

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