Beautiful views and the most beautiful students!

Curtindo pôr-do-sol no Arpoador

There is no view quite like a sunset at Aporador. It is a combination of reds, oranges, blues, sea, mountains and hills. What is a nightly routine, brings together people from all over the city and the world. Together they take a pause from their day, to enjoy day turn into night across Rio.

Jorge Coronado, United States

Forte de Copacabana - RJ

Arpoador might have beautiful views but we definitely have the most beautiful students. This is the best combination for an awesome afternoon full of fun and nice experiences. This afternoon included a visit to the beautiful Forte de Copacabana, its military museum, and – of course – watching the sunset at Arpoador. A must-visit for every tourist in Rio!

Pedra do Arpoador - Rio

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