Bedroom in Portuguese

13 de June de 2013

What’s up friends? What is your favorite room in your house? Well, for me it’s the bedroom, there is nothing better than my own bed in the world! So, today, we are going to learn how to describe the items inside the bedroom in Portuguese! Let’s take a look at the vocabulary, but also some expressions and verbs related to it! After that, you will just refer to your bed in Portuguese! Let’s learn Portuguese?

Vocabulary for Bedroom in Portuguese

What objects do you have in your bedroom? Can you say them in Portuguese? Try to read them and later, in our video, we’ll check if you pronounced them correctly.

A cama Bed
O travesseiro Pillow
A colcha Quilt
O abajur Table lamp
O despertador Alarm
As pantufas Slippers
O tapete Carpet / Rug
O guarda-roupa Wardrobe
As cortinas Curtains
A janela Window
A mesa de cabeceira / O criado-mudo Bedside table
O quarto Bedroom
Os quadros Paintings
O lençol Sheet
A roupa de cama Bedding
O cobertor Blanket
A fronha Pillowcase
A manta Blanket
A escrivaninha Desk
Cabeceira da cama Headboard

Nowadays the term criado mudo it’s seen as a controversial term to use because it is related to the past, where slaves sometimes had to stand beside the bed just to hold a glass of water. It’s still often used, but it’s better to use its synonym: mesa de cabeceira.

Pronunciation for Bedroom Objects

Now let’s practice your pronunciation of some words we have learned before! To watch more Portuguese lessons like this subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Some Verbs and Expressions Related to this Vocabulary

Dobrar Fold
Dormir Sleep
Acordar Wake up
Levantar Get up
Arrumar Tidy
Organizar Organize
Guardar Put away
Ver televisão Watch television
Usar o computador Use the computador
Escrever Write
Ler Read
Deitar Lay down
Relaxar Relax
Se vestir To dress
Escolher Choose
Colocar/botar/pôr Put
Fazer a cama Make the bed

In Portuguese we have an expression related to the bedroom in Portuguese that can be used in two senses. When you say ir para cama it can mean that you are literally going to bed to sleep and rest or that you are going to have sex. So, if you say you’re going to bed with a Brazilian and that person laughs at you, you already know the reason! 😉

Examples for Bedroom in Portuguese

Now, that we’ve seen the bedroom items, let’s take a look at some structures:

Eu me deito na cama quando estou cansado.
I lie down in bed when I am tired.

Na cama de Marina há 2 travesseiros.
There are 2 pillows on Marina’s bed

Nós usamos a colcha para forrar a cama.
We use the quilt to cover the bed.

Eu ligo abajur para ler antes de dormir.
I turn on the lamp to read before sleeping.

Meu despertador sempre toca às 7 da manhã.
My alarm always goes off at 7 am.

Eu deixo o livro na mesa de cabeceira.
I always leave the book on the bedside table.

Maria e João sempre andam de pantufas em casa.
Maria and João always use their slippers at home.

No quarto de Marcos não há tapetes.
There are no rugs in Marcos’s bedroom.

O guarda-roupa de Nicolas está sempre desorganizado.
Nicolas’s wardrobe is always untidy.

Eu abro as cortinas do quarto quando acordo.
I open the bedroom curtains when I wake up.

Eles dormem com a janela do quarto aberta.
They sleep with the bedroom window open.

Exercises About Objects in the Bedroom

Can you pin the vocabulary on the right place in our bedroom picture?

Imagine how nice it would be to have your own bedroom in Rio! Get your student visa for Brazil studying with us! That’s it! Now, we know a little bit more about items that can be found in the bedroom and even how to say bed in Portuguese!

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