Beers at Santa Teresa

Beers at Santa Teresa

Beautiful Landscate in Rio de Janeiro.
Beautiful Landscate in Rio de Janeiro.

L´excursió va ser genial! Ens ho vam passar super bé! El recorregut super interessant i el Pablo ens va portar a un mirador super xulo! Super recomanable! Després vam fer unes cerveses al Bar do mineiro! Boníssim!

Marta Fernandez, Catalonia.

Beers at Santa Teresa.
Beers at Santa Teresa.

One of the most famous neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, Santa Teresa is a very bohemian place in the city. In a gifted localization, the neighborhood divides downtown and the south zone. The architecture of Santa Teresa still holds a little bit of Rio’s history, with big houses and the traditional ferry of Santa Teresa.

We started our RioLIVE! at Curvelo station, we stayed in a small square a little bit watching Guanabara’s Bay, chatting (in Portuguese) and drinking some beers.

After this moment, we went to Parque das Ruínas, an old residence of great Brazilians intelectuals used for big parties. This park provides one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro. From the top is possible to see Cristo Redentor, Pão de Açúcar, Niterói, Aterro do Flamengo, the Cathedral and the Santos Dumont Airport. A nice place to take pictures.

At last, we walked around the neighborhood. We finished our RioLIVE! at Bar dos Mineiros eating pastries and drinking beers enjoying this part of the city. It was a nice visit.

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