Being artistic at Parque das Ruínas

1 de July de 2019

I had my first Feijoada and Cerveja last Friday in Santa Teresa. As expected, these food items did not disappoint me. Typically, I am always eager to practice the Portuguese I have been learning during my time at Rio & Learn. Speaking Portuguese is a lot harder, however, when you’re mouth is filled with amazing Brazilian cuisine. Though I might not have gotten a ton of practice speaking Portuguese during the meal, the activities directly following provided me numerous additional chances. While exploring Rio’s historical center and beholding its magnificent beauty, I was able to discuss with Igor numerous phrases and colloquialisms used by Cariocas. It was an evening I will surely never forget.

Samuel Jackson, United States

Our American Student Samuel being artistic at Parque das Ruínas in Rio de Janeiro.
Being artistic at Parque das Ruínas.

You know it’s the student’s first Feijoada when they say OMG, that’s f*** delicious! We couldn’t eat anymore but we didn’t want to stop as well. The Feijoada gave us a lot of energy to walk around Santa Teresa, make some awesome shots being artistic at Parque das Ruínas and practice a lot of Portuguese all the way!

This was the first of many Feijoadas they are going to have here in Rio de Janeiro and if you want to try it too, join our RioLIVE! Activities 😉

Students enjoying an art exhibition at Ruins Park. Love is in the air, everywhere I look around!
Love is in the air, everywhere I look around!

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End of the afternoon at Selarón Steps in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.
End of the afternoon at Selarón Steps