Best Brazilian Players

19 de July de 2018

Hi, folks! How are you? Today we are going to talk about Best Brazilian Players and we will also see a top 5 of the best scoring Brazilian players. We are sure you know some of them but we prepared a list based on importance and titles for Brazilian football.

Best Brazilian Players

Football is the most popular sport in Brazil, that’s a fact! The players are the biggest responsible for that, Brazilian Football is known worldwide for its beauty, techniques and dribbling, athletes such as Pelé, Garrincha and Romário are popular when it comes to these features. But the list of Brazil best football players is a bit bigger, let’s see it!

List of Best Brazilian Players


Best Brazilian Players. Pelé é considerado o melhor jogador de todos os tempos.

Pelé: Easily the most recognizable face among the Brazilian footballers, Pelé was an icon for the Brazilian football since the 1958 World Cup when he appeared at the international scenario. Although he was a football player, he was elected by the International Olympic Committee the Century Athlete. During his career, he scored 1281 goals in 1363 matches, he was also extremely important at the Word Cup titles in 1958, 1962 and 1970. The best indeed.

Best Brazilian Players – Garrincha

Best Brazilian Players. Garrincha é muito conhecido principalmente por causa dos seus dribles.

Garrincha: Brazil has never lost a single match when Pelé and Garrincha played together. While Pelé was getting the credits for scoring goals, Garrincha was the biggest responsible for the assists, destroying defenses. He was so good, that some challenger teams had to put even 3 players trying to stop him and even so he could find a way to pass through them.

The curious thing about Garrincha is that he was rejected in a lot of different clubs because of a physical deformity in his legs. Botafogo was the first club to give him an opportunity and show his skills to the whole country. He was part and helped the Brazilian team at the 1958 and 1962 World Cups. Another great player who deserves to be at the list of the best players.

Best Brazilian Players – Ronaldo


Ronaldo: Ronaldo was the main reason for many people to start watching football and support Brazil at the end of the 90’s and of course one of the most famous Brazil best players. He was one of the most lethal scorers that the world has ever seen, he was for many people The Perfect Forward. O Fenômeno (his nickname) had all the qualities needed for a good athlete. He was present in 4 world cups (1994, 1998, 2002, 2006). The 2002 Word Cup was his best moment, besides helping Brazil getting the title, he was the top scorer and elected the best player in that year. Also scoring two goals at the final against Germany.



Romário: Romário is another Brazilian player known by his skills and precision scoring goals. Considered O Rei da Grande Área ( The King of the Penalty Area), he is also famous for reaching more than 1000 goals in his career. He played and was the star of the Brazilian Team at the 1994 World Cup. Romário was also elected the best player in that year. A certain name at the football history books.


Brazil Best Football Players. Ronaldinho fazia as pessoas se encantarem com suas habilidades.

Ronaldinho: Considered by many people The King of Football during the years from 2005 to 2008. Known as one of the best dribblers that football has ever seen, there was nothing that he could do wrong on the field. He reached his prime playing for Barcelona and helped the team getting on top of the football world again. Ronaldinho was also part of the group who won the 2002 World Cup with great assists and goals.


Brazil Best Football Players. Zico é considerado um dos maiores armadores brasileiros da história.

Zico: One of the best Brazilians midfielders in history, Zico couldn’t win a world cup with Brazil, but he is famous by his amazing goals, assists and skills on the field. Playing for the carioca team Flamengo for a long time, he might not have won a world cup, but his other titles in football put his name along with the best.


Brazil Best Football Players. Rivaldo é considerado por muitos o real melhor jogador da Copa de 2002.

Rivaldo: Owner of an unusual skill, Rivaldo is even underestimated by many people in Brazil. Wrong decision! This player could control and organize onfalls towards the goal, he is also excellent with assists and kicks. Rivaldo helped Brazil winning the 2002 World Cup. Ronaldo is considered the main reason for that title, but for other people, without Rivaldo passing the ball, controlling the field, the title wouldn’t be possible.


Best Brazil Football Players. Jairzinho marcou gols em todos os jogos da Copa de 1970.

Jairzinho: Jairzinho terrorized defenders during his whole career and especially at the 1970 World Cup. The legendary team of that time is considered by many people the best international team ever. He is one of biggest World Cup top scorers. During the winning campaign in 1970, he received the nickname furacão (hurricane), because he was able to score in all matches. A deserved name to be on this list.

Carlos Alberto Torres

Brazil Best Football Players. Carlos Alberto Torres foi o capitão do Brasil na Copa de 1970.

Carlos Alberto Torres: Another name of the 1970 team. He was the captain and a true leader at that extremely talented team. He is considered one of the best defenders of all time and also the first name when people think about team leadership.


Brazil Best Football Players. Rivelino foi peça essencial no título na Copa de 1970.

Rivelino: Rivelino was pioneer and the king of the drible called elástico (elastic) or flip-flop. He used that as a weapon to torment and pass through defenses along his career. Rivelino was a good defense to offense connector, many moves started by him, ended up in goals. This player was also part of the team at 1970 World Cup and helped his other teammates winning the title.

Brazilian Footballers All Time Top Scorers with the National Team

Brazilian Football players are known for their skills and tenacity when it comes to score goals. Here we have a list of the top 5 with the best scoring Brazilian players.

  • Pelé – 77 goals
  • Neymar Jr – 64 goals
  • Ronaldo – 62 goals
  • Romário – 55 goals
  • Zico – 48 goals

Let’s practice?

Now it’s your turn to practice with the best Brazilian players!

Answer the questions with the correct information.

  1. Qual título do Comitê Olímpico Internacional Pelé recebeu?
  2. Quais jogadores da lista marcaram mais de 1000 gols?
  3. Zico ganhou a Copa do Mundo?
  4. Qual o detalhe especial de Jarzinho na Copa de 1970?
  5. Qual o nome do drible especial do Rivelino?

Alright, guys? Now you know more about the best Brazilian players. If you want to know more about Brazilian players, go to A Dica do Dia for more information, you can also follow us on Facebook.

See you soon, guys!
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  1. Ele recebeu o título de Atleta do Século.
  2. Pelé e Romário.
  3. Não.
  4. Ele fez gols em todos os jogos da Copa de 1970.
  5. Elástico.