Best School to Learn Portuguese in Brazil

12 de April de 2018

Hello, galera!
We have great news for you. Rio & Learn was chosen as the Best School to Learn Portuguese in Brazil by the website VidaLingua.

VidaLingua is a group that believes that the best way to learn languages is by living it, and in order to help you do that, they provide an app called Portuguese Translator & Dictionary +. You can find this amazing Portuguese Brazilian English Dictionary available for free in iPhone and Android.

Rio & Learn is a Portuguese language school for foreigners located in Rio de Janeiro, right next to Copacabana beach. We offer all kinds of Portuguese classes, from groups to business focused lessons. Our classes are based on conversation and our groups have a maximum of six students so our teachers are focused on students understanding and motivate them to practice. This way, all you have to do is to go out and speak as much as you can. And if you want to have a great Portuguese in just few weeks, choose our courses Rio & Immersion or LiveBusiness!, they are one to one courses where you will learn Portuguese going around Rio and immersing in real Livelearning situations.

One of the reasons why we were chosen was because of our FunLearning method. Differently from other school, our classes are taken in a light and fun way, in which the student feel relaxed and stimulated to keep learn new words and expressions. Time flies when we are having fun, and here at Rio & Learn, time flies when we are learning Portuguese.

We, at Rio & Learn believe in the Livelearning method where our students have the opportunity to be immersed in the language. Besides having all kinds of Portuguese courses, we always engage our students into Brazilian culture and lifestyle with our RioLIVE! Activities. Imagine yourself playing sports, dancing, having a beer, visiting different places and doing all that in Portuguese. Join us and you will find out how to learn a language so fast!

We thank VidaLingua for choosing us as Best School for Learning Portuguese in Brazil and we also thank you reader!
We’ll always do our best to keep up good work!

See you guys on our next Dica!
Kisses! ❤

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