Between art and history

Colors and history

Today, we visited the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, which was a great experience. Firstly, we took the bondinho, tried the typical dish of Brazil (feijoada), got to know a bit of the parque das ruinas, and the escaderia selaron. As always, this activity was a great way to continue practicing portuguese outside of class and to get to know more about the Brazilian culture as well.

Santino Michini, England

The sights of Santa Teresa

Our students got to know this charming neighborhood located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, and were invited on a cultural journey. In Santa Teresa, art is everywhere, from the ateliers of local artists to the cultural spaces that celebrate Brazil’s cultural diversity. As we explore its streets, we are enveloped by a vibrant atmosphere where music, dance and gastronomy go hand in hand. To visit Santa Teresa is to let yourself be carried away by the magic of a place where time seems to have its own rhythm, where every corner reveals a new surprise and where the essence of Rio de Janeiro can be truly experienced and appreciated.

Santa teresa's art

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Feeding on history

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