Bhering Factory in Rio de Janeiro. A Fábrica Bhering é o point da moda e da arte no Rio.

How about enjoying a nice weekend and bringing a beautiful piece of art home? Bhering Factory in Rio de Janeiro is the place you are looking for. It used to produce coffee, chocolate and candies back then, but now things have changed.

Bhering Factory in Rio de Janeiro

What once was one of the largest factories in Brazil is now a meeting point for artists and those who appreciate it. Located at the Port of Rio de Janeiro, Bhering Factory was built in 1930 remained opened and working until 1990. The space was then rented for a few artists but it was only in 2010 that the place draw public’s attention like a boom. There we can find restaurants, a bookstore, clothing studios and objects for decoration. One more beautiful than the other . Bhering Factory really catches us with its variety.

If you are not willing to buy anything, don’t worry. Visiting the Bhering factory will surely be a great experience and besides all the amazing stuff you can find there, there’ll will be a spectacular sunset to be seen. Just enjoy a drink and appreciate the view.

The best day to visit Bhering factory is the first Saturday of each month. You all find all studios open, concerts and presentations that will make your visit worthwhile.

Another great thing is that it’s really easy to get there. Take the subway to Cinelêndia Station and then take the VLT towards Praia Formosa and leave at Rodoviaria Station. It’s a couple minutes walk from there.

Hope you guys enjoy Bhering factory in Rio de Janeiro!
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