Bike in Portuguese

14 de June de 2016

Welcome back everyone! Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Would you prefer to have a bike ride close to the beach or in a park? Today our Dica is about the vocabulary related to the bike in Portuguese! Do you know how we say bike in Portuguese? Let’s learn!

Vocabulary for Bike in Portuguese

Imagine you are taking a ride at the beautiful Copacabana beach with one of our amazing teachers… you are in the middle of a nice immersion learning Portuguese and… wait, you don’t know this bike vocabulary in Portuguese? Let’s check it out then!

A bicicletaThe bike
O capaceteThe helmet
Os Γ³culosThe glasses
As luvasThe gloves
A camisaThe shirt
A bermudaThe shorts
As meiasThe socks
As sapatilhasThe sneakers
A garrafa d’Γ‘guaThe water bottle

The Bike Parts in Portuguese

parts of the bike in portuguese: handlebars means guidΓ£o, saddle means selim, chain stay means corrente, pedal means pedal e tires means pneu
Original picture by Tiffany Nutt on Unsplash

The guidΓ£o is the part that we hold on the bike to give control over the course. On the guidΓ£o we can also find the freio, which stops the bike if necessary. The selim is where we sit, while the correntes make the bike work! The pneu is a part of the bicycle that cars also have, it is made of rubber and we must fill it with air from time to time. And finally, the pedal is where we put our feet and make the bike work!

Vocabulary Practice: Pronunciation

Let’s repeat the words we have just learned, so we can make our pronunciation even better!

Now we’re talking! All ready for you to go out there knowing everything about the bike in Portuguese! Subscribe to our channel and stay always on the loop! Shall we go for a ride?

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