What does Bolado mean in Portuguese

7 de February de 2017

What does Bolado mean in Portuguese

What does Bolado mean in Portuguese. Essa obra de arte nos deixou bolados.
Hello everyone! My name is Adnan and I’m from the city of London.
I’m a student here in the Portuguese School Rio & Learn, situated here by the Copacabana beach, and today we are going to learn about the Portuguese word BoladoWhat does Bolado mean in Portuguese? Let’s find out!

The word Bolado has three different meanings in Portuguese. We can use this word to say we are irritated or angry about something. Let’s see an example:

Bolado as irritated

Igor: Está tudo bem, cara?
Cássio: Estou bolado, cara! Esse computador é muito lento!

Igor: Is everything ok, dude?
Cássio: I’m irritated, dude! This computer is too slow!

We can also use Bolado to express we are upset. Let’s take a look!

Bolado as upset

Dani: Você parece bolado. Está tudo bem?
Pablo: Estou muito bolado! Preciso de dinheiro. Muitos problemas!

Dani: You look upset. Are you ok?
Pablo: I’m really upset! I need money. Too many problems!

And finally we can use Bolado when we are puzzled about something. Check it out!

Bolado as puzzled

Luana: Está tudo? Você parece bolado!
Igor: Não consigo resolver essa conta!

Luana: Is everything ok Igor? You look puzzled!
Igor: I can’t solve this equation!

That’s all for today, everyone!
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Take care and Valeu!

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