Books and coffee in the historic center

29 de August de 2019

Today we went to β€œ Real Gabinete PortuguΓͺs de Leitura β€œ which was the most beautiful library I’ve ever seen. Not at all what I had expected. It had a huge piece of glass art at the top that added so much character to the building. After that we went to a book store and I held back my urge to buy all the books there. The bookstore had a wide variety of topics from astronomy to languages to history. Another student and I even found books on Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. After that we saw 2 beautiful churches. It seems like Rio is filled with them ! After that we went to a nice little cafe that surprisingly had great fries. I enjoyed this trip so much and would recommend it to everyone.

Janet Garcia, United States of America

Students at Real Gabinete de Leitura PortuguΓͺs in Rio de Janeiro's central zone.

The students had a lot of fun in our RioLIVE! getting books and coffee in the historic center. We walked around Uruguaiana and they were stunned by the amount of things that they could find there. We messed around at the CCBB museum and laughed talking about old coins and money. The students really loved getting to know our sebos, book shops that only sell used books. One of our students said that she prefers buying books like this and all of them agreed. So, it was a magical afternoon with books. Another student bought three books and said that he couldn’t find them in this country (or at least that cheap).

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Students at a book store in centro.

Students getting books and coffee in the historic center in Rio de Janeiro.