Botafogo Beach. Portuguese students with Pão de Açúcar landscape.
Botafogo beach, such a beautiful landscape ;)

Botafogo Cove, such a beautiful landscape ;). It’s amazing!. Botafogo Praia Shopping, Rio.

Meeting 14:30h at Rio & Learn
Costs: R$5,80 reais (Metrô)

Hi everyone! Have you ever been to Praia de Botafogo? It is one of the most amazing landscapes in Rio de Janeiro. You can enjoy the views from different points as you walk around from Flamengo Beach to Botafogo Beach, two of the oldest neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. These amazing views are very typical in Rio de Janeiro and they are beautiful things to enjoy. Besides staring at beach, people can also see places such as Urca, The Sugar Loaf and also some parts of Niterói. Jogging and running are also other activities that people do at this place, or if you prefer, you can just sit on the benches along the way and have some good, quality reading.

On today’s RioLIVE! Activity we will start walking from Flamengo Beach and will enjoy the views, taking amazing pictures and learning new Portuguese words as we walk around Botafogo beach. We will arrive at the end of the place and right there we will take pictures from the top of a building, Botafogo Praia Shopping, as you see on the picture above. Do you have any picture like that? 😉 What do you say? Join us on this relaxing  afternoon, make new friends, practice the Portuguese you’ve learned in class and maybe do some shopping after! =)

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Portuguese students with Pão de Açúcar landscape.

Botafogo Cove. Portuguese students with Pão de Açúcar landscape. Beautiful view.

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