Boulevard Olimpico

Students at Boulevard Olímpico.

Students at Boulevard Olímpico.

Zur Eroeffung der Olympischen Spiele sind wir, die Schueler, und die Lehrer von Rio & Learn zu einem Public Viewing gegangen.Es herrschte eine tolle Atmosphaere neben dem Museu da amanha und die Biere flossen in Litern. Gerne blicke ich auf diesen schoenen und einzigartigen Abend zurueck.

Christopher Katz, Germany.

On last friday the teachers and students of Rio & Learn met at Boulevard Olimpico to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Our first attraction was a beautiful danish boat that was anchored in the port. We take the time to speak portuguese about the Olympic legacy, as the place has undergone a major renovation to host this big event.

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The Olympic spirit was present in the Boulevard Olimpico. Our students took lots of pictures with other people from several countries, an amazing interaction between the crowd. To give a special atmosphere at night is nothing better than a cold beer. The place beyond beautiful had an incredible energy. Besides the view, the Museu do Amanhã gave a new look to this part of the town.

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