Boxing in Portuguese

2 de August de 2016

Hello everyone! There are many different martial arts in the Olympic Games, and today we are going to learn about one in particular: boxing in Portuguese.

Introduction to Boxing in Portuguese

Is boxing a well known sport in your country? In Brazil, people really like to watch boxing matches. Boxing in Portuguese is translated toΒ boxe orΒ pugilismo.Β People who practice this sport are calledΒ boxeadores orΒ pugilistas.Β If you don’t know any Brazilian boxers, check out some of the best and most famous Brazilian boxers: Γ‰der Jofre, Maguila,Β PopΓ³ and Duda Yankovich.

Now it’s time to take a look at the vocabulary for the equipment and the moves of this sport.

Are you ready?!

Boxing in Portuguese vocabulary

Let’s learn some words. Try to say them out loud!

Boxing in Portuguese. O boxeador ou O pugilista: The boxer or The pugilist.

The coach in Portuguese: O treinador.

The boxing gloves in Portuguese: as luvas.

The boxing shorts in Portuguese: o calção.

Examples of boxing equipment in Portuguese. O protetor de Cabeça: The boxing headgear.

Boxing protection equipment in Portuguese. O protetor bucal: The mouthguard.

Equipments used for boxing in Portuguese. O sapato de boxe: The boxing shoes.

The referee in Portuguese: O juiz.

The ring in Portuguese: O ringue.

The ropes in Portuguese: as cordas.

The corner in Portuguese: o corner.

The boxing ring gong in Portuguese: o gongo.

Boxing moves in Portuguese. O jab: The jab.

Boxing moves in Portuguese. O direto: The right cross.

Vocabulary of boxing moviments. O gancho: The upper or uppercut.

Vocabulary of boxing moviments in Portuguese. O cruzado: the hook.

Vocabulary of moviments in boxing. A esquiva. The slip.

The knockout in Portuguese: o nocaute.

Now let’s see if you pronounced all the words properly with our video!

And you, friends? Do you practice any martial arts?Β Which ones?
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Here’s the vocabulary we’ve learned in this Dica. Pay close attention, because below this list you’ll have a exercise to complete and you’ll need to know this words!

O boxeador / pugilista The boxer / Fighter
O treinador The coach / trainer
A luva The boxing gloves
O calção The boxing shorts
O protetor de cabeça The boxing helmet
O protetor bucal The mouth guard
Os sapatos de boxe The boxing shoes
O juiz The referee
O ringue The ring
As cordas The ropes
O corner Corner
O gongo Gong
O jab Jab
O direto Right cross
O gancho Hook
O cruzado Cross
A esquiva The slip
O nocaute The knockout

Can you imagine learning all of this while watching a professional fight match in a bar with a Portuguese private teacher? With our immersion methodology we can teach you things in real life situations.

Exercise about boxing in Portuguese

All the words are fresh in your memory? I hope so. Answer this quiz with the vocabulary you’ve just learned. And don’t look at the vocabulary table, don’t cheat :P!

[quiz-cat id=”115265″]

We’ll see you next time!
Bye bye!


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