Boys’ night in São Cristóvão 

Trying Brazilian cachaça - RJ

The center had lots of shops with handicrafts, food, and sweets. A very festive atmosphere with lots of decorations. Everything was in the style of the Northeast of Brazil, which is different from what I’ve seen in the rest of Rio. Even the waiters were dressed in their traditional garments. We started with a delicious dinner, followed by some clowning around with a stuffed horse that you can stand inside. Then we got serious: caipirinhas, shots, live music, and karaoke. The band was fantastic and some of the dancers were quite good.

John Hinant, United States

Northeastern food restaurants in Rio

The boys’ night in São Cristóvão was amazing! We partied and had fun in the way that it was supposed to be. Good food, drinks, music, good conversations and more knowledge about Northeastern culture. A boys’ night full of fun with RioLIVE!

Karaokê em na Feira de São Cristóvão

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