Brazil 1982. A Seleção de 1982 é considerada uma das melhores da história.

Hello, football friends! Today we will talk about the Brazilian Team in the 1982 World Cup. A team that didn’t win the World Cup but goes down in history as one of the best ever.

Brazil 1982

Brazil won it’s forth World Cup title in 1994 with Romário, Bebeto and Taffarel. But it could just as easily have come twelve years earlier, in fact twelve years after their previous world title. Pelé, Jairzinho and other players won the 1970 World Cup will an excellent football performance. The 1982 team was as amazing as the 1970 team, actually many people consider this team the best in history even though they didn’t the World Cup.

With a squad full of great players, this team played incredible football even before the World Cup competition. Always in an offensive and skillful manner, the players were at a great moment of their career and the connection among them was impressive. People considered them the favorite for the Cup, over 50% of the bets were on Brazil. The winner in that year, Italy, didn’t even receive 5%. This difference explains people’s frustration at the end of that tournament.

The 1982 Squad

This tournament was also special because it was the first that the coach used players who played out of Brazil. Players such as Zico, Falcão, Sócrates etc, helped to build this great team. Let’s see the full squad:

Goalkeeper Valdir Perez
Right side Leandro
Defender Oscar
Defender Luisinho
Midfield Toninho Cerezo
Left side Júnior
Midfield Falcão
Midfield Sócrates
Forward Éder Aleixo
Center Zico
Center Sócrates
Goalkeeper Paulo Sérgio
Right side Edevaldo
Defender Juninho
Midfield Paulo Isidoro
Left side Pedrinho
Center Batista
Midfield Renato
Forward Serginho Chulapa
Forward Roberto Dinamite
Forward Dirceu
Goalkeeper Carlos

As we said before, Brazil 82 Team was great. Let’s see a video of it playing the first part of the tournament:

Brazil vs Italy

Nothing in this life is perfect. Even being the perfect team, in the semi finals they played against Italy and lost the game by 3 x 2 with a hat-trick from Paolo Rossi. Let’s see it.

Brazil couldn’t win that tournament but that team was so good and had so many great players that they haven’t been forgotten. And you? Do you remember this team?

That’s it, my friends. We learned about the Brazil 1982 World Cup Team. Follow us for more Dicas.

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