Brazil – Chile penalties in Copacabana

Brazilian fan explodes with victory in Brazil - Chile penalties

Brazil – Chile penalties in Copacabana

Lots of suffering were involved on this match as just one of the times could pass through to the quarter finals of the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Sun burned us on the Brazilian winter as we were enjoying the game that started at 13h on Brazilian time. Water, beer and Caipirinhas were helping all Brazilian fans and as well to our Portuguese students to pass through the heat in Rio de Janeiro.

As minutes go through and Brazil was not winning the game, the silence was more present in Copacabana’s beach. Some panic reactions were showed by some fans around the beach. Everybody got silent when minutes before the end of the game, at the extra-time, the Chilean player Pinilla kicked the ball directly to the crossbar!!

After a dramatic extra time, everybody was shocked and afraid of a possible goodbye to the World Cup. Players were exhausted and some Brazilian players were crying before the penalties. Everything was dramatic. But happiness invaded Copacabana as Brazil won the game!!

See some pictures below:

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