Brazil day of the dead: Dia 2 de novembro é o dia de finados no Brasil.

Good morning from Rio & Learn, friends! How are you doing? In today’s Dica we’ll pay respect to the ones we’ve lost, and tell you about how we celebrate in Brazil Day of the Dead. 

What is Brazil’s Day of the Dead?

In many countries there are days to celebrate and remember the ones we’ve lost during our journey through life. In Brazil we also have a holiday dedicated to the memory of the people we love and that are no longer with us.

All around the world people celebrate this date in a different way. Some countries, like Mexico, for example, make the famous Festa dos Mortos, which last three days. In Indonesia, a ritual known as Ma’nene takes place, which consists of dressing up the dead in different clothes. In Haiti, it is really common to go outside a cemetery at night and beat the drums, hoping to wake up the God of the dead.

Unlike other cultures, Finados in Brazil is more about contemplation, the feeling of missing and introspection. Some people don’t eat meat nor drink alcohol in that day as a sign of respect.

Origin of All Souls Day 

To understand more about All Souls day I’m Brazil we have to go back in time a little bit and travel to Europe. This tradition began in the middle ages, around 998, with a priest named Odilo of Cluny. On the 2nd of November he asked his followers to pray for the dead and since then the tradition has continued.

Although it seems a sad day, Brazilians actually take the day to remember the good moments they had with their beloved and they gather the family to tell stories for old times’ sake. All Souls Day in Brazil is about memory and grief, respect and love.

And for you to understand the name finado in Portuguese means the one who died.



What to do on the Day of the Dead in Brazil

The Day of the Dead in Brazil is a day of contemplation, remembering those who have left and also valuing life. As most of the schools and business are closed on this day, people are free to celebrate at home or outside.

Here, it is common to go to the cemetery and visit the grave of  loved ones, to leave them flowers and pray for them. On this day the cemeteries are usually crowded and you can see people selling flowers at the streets. Also it is very common to go to church and attend mass, in memory of the people who have passed away.

There are Brazilians who prefer being with their friends and families. Seeing as the 2nd of November is a holiday, Brazilians use this day to have a churrasco and kick back at the home of a friend or of a relative. And let’s face it, there’s nothing better than being among loved ones in a moment like this, right?

For Brazilians, there is a word that deeply expresses the feeling, or longing, one may have over someone they’ve lost. This word is Saudade. Do you know what it means? Click here and come learn Portuguese online with us!

When is Brazil’s Day of the Dead holiday?

This holiday is always on November 2nd. Take a look at the table to see on which day the next holidays will fall:

Days of the week Date Month Year
Monday 02 November 2020
Tuesday 02 November 2021
Wednesday 02 November 2022
Thursday 02 November 2023
Saturday 02 November 2024
Sunday 02 November 2025
Monday 02 November 2026
Tuesday 02 November 2027
Thursday 02 November 2028
Friday 02 November 2029
Saturday 02 November 2030

Now you know all about day of the dead in Brazil holiday. And in your country, how is the Day of the Dead celebrated?
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