Brazil Fruit Trees

7 de August de 2014

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the beginning of spring in Brazil? Have you ever admired the Brazilian fruit trees we have? In our Dica today, we’ll get to know the names of some Brazil fruit trees in Portuguese and how to pronounce them. Here you’ll learn some vocabulary so you can make your own sentences and talk about fruit and trees in Portuguese. Take a look.

Fruit Trees in Brazil

As you would expect from a tropical country, Brazilian fruit trees are a national pride and should be taken in consideration when you’re here visiting. Our fruits are delicious, with such a wide variety and often very juicy and sweet, because Brazil has good weather conditions for the growth of crops. 

Do you know how to say tree in Portuguese? Oh, friend, it’s time to learn! Take a look at the vocabulary below and practice the pronunciation listening the audios. Let’s go! 

Árvoretree Árvorestrees
FrutafruitFlor flower
RaizrootTronco trunk
Folha – leafSementes – seeds
Pétalas petalsJardim garden
Plantar to plantSemear to sow

What is your favorite fruit tree? Mine is the one known as Jaboticaba a Brazilian fruit similar to a grape, very common here this time of the year. It’s a fruit from the myrtle family (like guava and Brazilian cherries). You should try one when you visit our school in Copacabana. I bet you’ll love it!

Do you know at least the name of one Brazil fruit tree? Take a look here at the names of some of the most common Brazilian fruit trees. 

Pronunciation of Brazilian Fruit Trees

Laranjeiraorange treeMacieiraapple tree
Cajueirocashew treeMangueiramango tree
Pereirapear treePessegueiropeach tree
Bananeirabanana plantGoiabeiraguava tree
Ameixeiraplum treeCoqueirococonut tree
Mamoeiropapaya treeAbacateiroavocado tree
ParreiragrapevineFigueirafig tree
Limoeirolemon treeJabuticabeirajabuticaba tree

In Portuguese we also say that a tree (gives) a fruit and we can call the tree a (foot). Let’s see some examples of trees and Brazilian fruits:

Examples of Trees and Fruits in Portuguese

A árvore da laranja é a laranjeira.
The tree that grows oranges is an orange tree.

macieira é a árvore que dá a maçã.
An apple tree is a tree that bears apples.

O pé do caju é o cajueiro.
The tree of cashew apple is the cashew tree.

A árvore da manga é a mangueira.
The tree growing mangoes is a mango tree.

pereira é árvore que dá a pera.
A pear tree is a tree that bears pears.

O pé do pêssego é o pessegueiro.
The tree growing peaches is a peach tree.

A árvore da banana é a bananeira.
The plant that grows bananas is a banana plant.

O pé da goiaba é a goiabeira.
The tree of guava is a guava tree.

A árvore que dá a ameixa é a ameixeira.
The tree that bears plums is a plum tree.

A árvore do coco é o coqueiro.
The tree growing coconuts is a coconut tree.

O pé do mamão é o mamoeiro.
The tree that grows papayas is a papaya tree.

A árvore que dá o abacate é o abacateiro.
The tree that bears avocado is an avocado tree.

A árvore que dá uva é a parreira.
The plant that bears grape is a grapevine.

O pé do figo é a figueira.
The tree growing figs is a fig tree.

limoeiro é a árvore que dá o limão.
The lemon tree is the tree that bears  lemons.

A árvore da jabuticaba é a jabuticabeira.
The tree with jabuticaba is the jabuticaba tree.

So, we just learnt the names of several Brazil fruit trees in Portuguese.

Did you know?

  1. There is a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro named Laranjeiras. It was named after a region in Portugal of the same name.
  2. Pereira is a common Brazilian last name.
  3. The expression Plantar bananeira means to do a handstand.
  4. Parreira is also the last name of the Brazilian football manager who led Brazil in the 1994 World Cup.
  5. Jabuticaba is often thought to only exist in Brazil, but it can actually be found in Paraguay and Uruguay.

Do you know of any more Brazilian trees that bear fruit? What are your favorite Brazilian fruits?
In your home country, is it possible to find these trees?

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We’ll see you soon friends!
Kisses from Rio & Learn!

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