Examples of most common hobbies in Brazil: Stand Up Paddle. Eles praticam Stand Up Paddle. Brazil Hobbies

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In our Dica today, we are going to talk about the most common Brazil hobbies. In Brazil, we don’t translate the word hobby, we use the word hobby itself instead. But our hobbies have names in Portuguese. Take a look:

Brazil Hobbies

Praticar stand up paddle To practice stand up paddle
Jogar frescobol To play frescobol
Jogar futvolei To play footvolley
Jogar volei de praia To play beach volley
Jogar altinho To play keep it up
Ir à praia To go to the beach
Pegar um sol / Bronzear-se To sunbathe / to get a sun tan
Patinar Skating
Acampar Camping
Andar de bicicleta To ride a bicycle
Colecionar selos Stamp Collecting
Jogar golfe To play golf
Ler To read
Ouvir música To listen to music
Pescar To go fishing
Tocar piano To play piano

Now, let’s see some of them used in a sentence:

Common hobbies in Brazil

Elas gostam de praticar stand up paddle.
They like to practice stand up paddle.

Nossos amigos gostam de acampar.
Our friends like to camp.

Eu gosto de andar de bicicleta na Lagoa.
I like to ride a bike at Lagoa.

Meu pai gosta de colecionar selos.
My father likes to collect stamps.

Adriano gosta de jogar golfe com os amigos.
Adriano likes to play golf with his friends.

Marina gosta de ler.
Marina likes to read.

João costuma ouvir música.
João listens to music.

Nos fins de semana, meus irmãos vão pescar no Rio de Janeiro.
On the weekends, my brothers go fishing in Rio de Janeiro.

Lígia gosta de tocar piano.
Lígia likes to play the piano.

That’s all folks! We hope you learned with this Dica! Do you have any hobby? Share with us!
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