Example of holiday in Brazil: the carnival. Students at Sambódromo, Rio de Janeiro.

Hey buddies, what’s up? Let’s learn a little bit more about Brazilian culture in today’s free Portuguese lesson for foreigners? A new year has started and it’s typical among Brazilians to check the calendar for holidays in Brazil, and also Rio de Janeiro’s holidays.

Can you talk about how to spend your vacations in Portuguese? Learn that in this Dica. Do you know the most important Brazil holidays? No? So, to keep you updated, here are the Brazilian holidays for 2021. Let’s have a look:

Brazil Holidays 2021

Ano novo New year Holiday January 1st
Carnaval Carnival (Mardi Gras) Holiday February 16th and 17th*
Dia Internacional da Mulher International Women’s
Commemorative Date March 8th
Tiradentes Tiradentes  Holiday April 21st
Sexta-feira Santa Good Friday Holiday April  2nd (Friday before Easter)
Páscoa Easter Holiday Sunday, April 4th
Dia do trabalho Labor day Holiday May 1st
Dia das mães Mother’s day Commemorative Date May 9th (2nd Sunday in May)
Corpus Christi Corpus Christi  Holiday June 3rd
Dia dos namorados Valentine’s day Commemorative Date June 12th
Festas juninas June parties Commemorative Date June
Dia dos pais Father’s day Commemorative Date August 8th (2nd Sunday of August)
Dia da Independência Independence Day Holiday September 7th
Nossa Senhora de Aparecida Our Lady Aparecida Day Holiday October 12th
Dia das crianças Children’s day Commemorative Date October 12th
Dia dos professores Teachers’ day Holiday for schools October 15th
Dia do Comércio Commerce day Holiday for stores October 18th
Dia do Servidor Público Civil Servants Day Holiday for public services October 28th
Finados Day of the Dead (All Soul’s Day) Holiday November 2nd
Dia da República Proclamation of the Republic Holiday November 15th
Consciência Negra Black Consciousness Day Holiday in some states (Rio de Janeiro) November 20th
Natal Christmas Holiday December 25th


*The famous carnival holiday may have it’s date changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On commemorative dates everything works normally in Brazil, but on holidays Brazilians have a day off. In addition to the national holidays, Rio de Janeiro has its own holidays! Take a look:

Rio de Janeiro Holidays

Take a look at some of the Rio de Janeiro holidays, they are not celebrated nationally but only for this city:

Dia de São Sebastião Saint Sebastian’s Day Holiday January 20th
Dia de São Jorge Saint George’s Day Holiday April 23rd

Brazil holidays: Feriadão

Here in Brazil there is something we call Feriadão. It means a Big Holiday and it happens when the holiday comes next to the weekend. If a holiday falls on a Thursday, for example, most of Brazilians won’t work on Friday, if their company agrees. If the holiday is on a Tuesday, Brazilians will usually take the Monday off, it’s especially common in schools and small offices. Is there anything like that in your country?

Brazilian vacations

In Brazil, when you complete a year in your job you have the right to take one month off work and go vacation. Of course the schedule of the vacation is agreed between the company and the employee. But the majority our vacations are between December and February, and people usually take that time to travel.

Now we know the most important holidays, and the holidays in Brazil in 2021. Did you know anything about Brazil’s national holidays before reading our Dica?
Are any of these dates the same in your country? Which ones?
Let’s compare!

That’s it for now!

See you soon!
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