Brazil Religion. A religião católica é a mais popular em todo o Brasil.

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Brazil Religion

Brazil is a very much diversified country, mainly if we talk about religions. One of our main characteristics is the syncretism, known by the sum of different beliefs and dogmas of several religions that are accepted as normal by most of the Brazilian people.

Brazilians are very religious in general, even if they do not practice, they always try to follow a doctrine. It’s really common to see Brazilians praying before they go to bed or asking something from God. You’ll also see Brazilians using religious expressions such as Meu Deus or Salve.

The Brazilian Constitution says that we, Brazilians, are free to follow any religion that we want and that there is a total separation from Church to State. Even with some fanatic people starring some episodes of intolerance, Brazil is still preserving its faith concepts and the image of an open country in terms of religion. Let’s see a Brazil Religion list with the most popular ones:

Most Popular Brazilian Religions

Brazil Religion. O Catolicismo é a religião com mais praticantes no Brasil.

Catholicism: This is the most popular religion in Brazil. Over 65% of the population identify themselves as catholic and the Portuguese colonization was the main reason for that. The first missionaries came to introduce doctrine and spread their beliefs to our indians. As time went by, the Portuguese influence grew up and the catholic religion was spread.

Brazil Religion. O protestantismo é uma vertente cristã muito grande no Brasil.

Protestantism: This is the second biggest religion in Brazil. This religion joins Christian doctrines, but some of them are different from the catholic one. This movement increased a lot in the past 30 years and it got many followers from different denominations and doctrines but with some beliefs in common.

Brazil Religion. Muitos judeus vieram para o Brasil por causa da Segunda Guerra.

Judaism: This religion basically was established because of the many Jews who were running away from Europe because of Nazi persecution. There were already Jews in Brazil before them, but as a smaller number. With their arrival, the community just got bigger.

Brazil Religion. A umbanda e o candomblé são religiões de origem africana.

Umbanda and Candomblé: These are two very popular Brazilian religions. Together they make an evolution of African beliefs, brought in the slavery times. Many of the followers consider themselves Spiritists too, making it more open in relation to traditions and rites, without a bigger centralization of its dogmas.

Brazil Religion. O espiritismo está conectado à vida após a morte e à reencarnação.

Spiritism: This is a doctrine developed by Allan Kardec, a French pedagogue who could spread all over the world by his books. Spiritism according to its followers is not a religion, but a fusion of philosophy, religion and science, looking for studying and understanding the universe, not only the scientific side, but also the moral and ethical ones.

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