Brazil Republic Day. Brazilian Republic was created in 1889. Em 1889 foi criada a República Federativa do Brasil.

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Today is Brazil Republic day and on our A Dica do Dia we’ll learn more about this holiday that is so important to Brazilian hearts.

History of Brazil Republic Day

The Proclamation of the Republic was a great happening to the history of Brazil because it made the country improve in political, economic and social matters.

The independence of Brazil happened in 1822 and with it, the country started to be ruled by a king named D. Pedro I. As he gave up on the power, his son D. Pedro II, who was only five years old at that time, took on the power in his place.  Years passed and the monarchy of D. Pedro II was not going really well. There were crisis, there was no freedom of speech and peoples‘ rights were simply ignored.

It was through the dissatisfaction of the people that, on the 15th of November of the year 1889, Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca and the republicans who supported him, decided to lead a military coup that ended the monarchy and permitted Brazil to have its first President in charge.

Since then this date is one of the most important in Brazil because it represents the fight of the people for their rights and for their future.


Proclamação Proclamation
Independência Independence
Rei King
Assumir o poder To take on the power
Monarquia Monarchy
Povo People
Republicanos Republicans
Golpe militar Military coup
Presidente President
Direitos Rights




What about you, what date do you consider to be important for the history of your countries?

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