Brazil Republic Day

Brasil Republic Day. Brazilian Republic was created in 1889. Em 1889, foi criada a República Federativa do Brasil.

What’s up, fellas! Let’s learn about the Brazil Republic Day! In our A Dica do Dia today we’ll learn more about this holiday, one that is near and dear to Brazilian hearts. Did you know the country was almost called Republic of the United States of Brazil, during the First Republic? Learn all that and much more (plus also how interesting the First Brazilian Republic Flag was!)

When is Brazil Republic Day?

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History of the Republic Proclamation Day in Brazil

The Proclamation of the Republic was a great event in the history of Brazil because it made the country improve in political, economic, and social matters. It is one of the most important holidays from a historical perspective in Brazil.

The independence of Brazil came to be in 1822 and it marked the beginning of the rule of king Pedro I. When he gave up power, his son Pedro II, who was only five years old at that time, took on the power in his place. Years passed and the monarchy of Pedro II was not going very well. There were crises, there was no freedom of speech, and peoples’ rights were simply ignored.

It was through the dissatisfaction of the people that, on the 15th of November of the year 1889, Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca and the republicans who supported him decided to lead a military coup that ended the monarchy and permitted Brazil to have its first President in charge.

Since then, this date is one of the most important in Brazil because it represents the fight of the people for their rights and for their future.

Main Reasons for Proclamation of Republic

Let’s check out some of the main reasons why a republic was established in Brazil!

  • With no male heirs, the empire would go to Princess Isabel, married to a French count. This generated discomfort with the population, as it meant that a foreigner would govern Brazil.
  • The bourgeois elite had problems with the abolition of slavery, intensely associated with the image of the princess.
  • European republican ideas had spread throughout Brazil, mainly coming from France with the French Revolution.
  • To impose rules on Brazilian churches, the Vatican had to ask the emperor for permission, which was an insult to the religion.

Peculiar Facts about Brazil Republic Day

  • A monarchist proclaimed the Republic. Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca, a personal friend of the prince, changed his mind only four hours before the fall of the Empire.
  • As soon as the royal family left the country, the provisional government auctioned off the objects left behind. The idea was to erase the memory of the monarchy in the country.
  • The anthem of the proclamation of the Republic became a song of the samba school Imperatriz Leopoldinense in 1989. You can hear it here.
  • Deodoro da Fonseca suffered from dyspnea (difficulty with breathing), usually a symptom for many heart and respiratory diseases.
  • The country was only called the Federal Republic of Brasil with the Constitution of 1967, promulgated during the military regime.
  • The emperor Dom Pedro II was in Petrópolis when the Republic was established.
  • The Republic was proclaimed next to Campo de Santana in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

First Brazilian Republic

The First Brazilian Republic began on November 15, 1889, following the overthrow of the Brazilian monarchy through a military coup. Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca became the first president of the new republic. This period was marked by political instability, with frequent changes in leadership and the emergence of regional conflicts. The new republic aimed to modernize Brazil by promoting industrialization and implementing a new constitution in 1891. However, power struggles, economic challenges, and social unrest characterized much of the early years of the First Brazilian Republic, creating a turbulent political landscape that endured until the 1930.

United States of Brazil?

Old Flag from United States of Brazil.
The Republic of United States of Brazil, the First Brazilian Republic Flag.

Now you must be wondering: what was the name of Brazil during the First Brazilian Republic? Republic of the United States of Brazil. Our country began to be called that way with the promulgation of the republic, in 1891. The use of “United States” was because of the idea of explaining the new stance of the brand new republican regime, which, unlike what was in force in the Empire, was not based on the unitary State that the monarchy used. Thus, it was a way of promoting the idea of political decentralization and showing that there was a new relationship between the central power and the country’s former provinces. These provinces would then become States.

Although the name lasted for many years, the suggested flag for the First Brazilian Republic, which closely resembled the flag of the United States of America, was only around during the first 4 days of the new republic. This is because, in addition to several people proposing different flags, many people did not want it to be so similar to the flag of another country!

Ultimately, Brazil kept being Republic of the United States of Brazil until a new reform, made by a dictatorship goverment in 1967. With the new reform, Brazil officially became the Federative Republic of Brazil, as it remains until today!

Vocabulary List

Desistir do poderTo give up on the power
Assumir o poderTo take on the power
Liberdade de expressãoFreedom of speech
Golpe militarMilitary coup
Queda do ImpérioFall of the Empire
Governo ProvisórioProvisional Government
LeiloaramAuctioned off

Exercise about Brazilian Republic Day

  1. Complete the sentences with the right words from the box:
presidente / povo / crise / monarquia / rei / social / república / direitos

a) Você sabe quem é o atual __________ do Brasil?

b) O __________ do Brasil é denominado brasileiro.

c) Pedro I era chamado de __________ Soldado.

d) O nome completo do Brasil é __________ Federativa do Brasil.

e) Os __________ dos brasileiros estão constados na Constituição Brasileira.

f) Será que a __________ de 1929 atingiu o Brasil também?

g) A causa __________ e econômica são ainda muito discutidas no Brasil.

h) A Princesa Isabel foi uma das últimas pessoas da __________ do Rio de Janeiro.

What about you? Did you find it curious our First Brazilian Republic Flag? What date do you consider to be important for the history of your countries? See you on our next Dica, fellas! And you can also check out our previous Dicas here.

Big hug from Rio & Learn!

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a) presidente
b) povo
c) rei
d) república
e) direitos
f) crise
g) social
h) monarquia

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