Hey friends! First of all, our Dica today is about something delicious. In fact, let’s talk about Brazilian Barbecue, or as we Brazilians call it: churrasco. Barbecue is a typical Brazilian dish and it has a very specific vocabulary in Portuguese. On a Sunday afternoon many Brazilians gather with their families and friends to cook barbecue or black beans. On these occasions, a nice chat in Portuguese and a cold beer are a must!

History of barbecue in Brazil

Formerly, Native Americans ate barbecue due to its practicality and quickness since the preparation only calls for meat, salt, a knife, and fire. Although the origin was attributed to the Natives, it was in the Pampas (The Pampas are a natural region of plains covered by fields in southern South America) that the barbecue gained recognition.
According to stories, Brazilian barbecue appeared in the XVII century with the tropeiros. Tropeiros were travelers who went to southern Brazil to trade various products. The cattle was initially used as transportation, but over time it was noticed that it could be a quick and easy source of food. This is how barbecue appeared in Brazil, first becoming popular among the tropeiros, and later the rest of the population.

All-you-can-eat restaurants

In the mid-60’s in Rio Grande do Sul the all-you-can-eat restaurants that specialized in barbecue in Brazil, called rodízio, began to appear.
Rumor has it that one day Albino Ongaratto’s restaurant was full and an experienced waiter swapped several requests causing dissatisfaction among the clients. To work around this situation, Ongaratto stipulated that everyone could enjoy all the meat cuts by paying only one single price. Everyone liked the idea and today we have all-you-can-eat restaurants that function like this serving only Brazilian barbecue.

If you ever visit Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul and want to have an authentic Gaucho barbecue in Brazil, you should go to one of the best Brazilian barbecue restaurants: Braseiro.

So, let’s take a look at the items we need to prepare a good barbecue in Brazil:

Brazilian Barbecue. A churrasqueira. Barbecue grill

Brazilian Barbecue. O carvao. The coal

Brazilian Barbecue. O espeto. Espeto do churrasco. Barbecue stick.

Brazilian Barbecue. Carne. Meat

Brazilian Barbecue. O frango. Chicken meat

Brazilian Barbecue. A linguica. Sausage

Brazilian Barbecue. A cerveja. Beer

Brazilian Barbecue. O gelo. Ice. Blue cooler

Brazilian barbecue Vocabulary

A churrasqueira The barbecue grill
O carvão The coal
O espeto The Barbecue stick
A carne The meat
O frango The chicken meat
A linguiça The sausage
A cerveja The beer
O gelo The ice
O sal The salt
A faca The knife
O fogo Fire
O gado The cattle
Cortes de carne Meat cuts
Rodízio All-you-can-eat restaurant

So guys, now you’re ready to prepare a great Brazilian barbecue! Don’t forget to invite a Brazilian to taste it!
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Let’s cook some meat, make a barbecue in Brazil, and drink some beers!

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