Brazilian Breakfast

17 de December de 2013

What’s up people? On today’s Dica we will talk about the most important meal of the day, so we will learn a bit about the typicalย Brazilian breakfast. Brazilians cannot start the day without a good breakfast, after all, contrary to common belief, we do work a lot =). But of course there are some differences in breakfast when we talk about different regions of Brazil! So, let’s learn more about breakfast in Portuguese today, so you can order your own when you come study with us! I am sure you will leave this class looking for some Brazilian breakfast recipes!

Vocabulary for Brazilian Breakfast

Cafรฉ da manhรฃ Breakfast
Bebidas (Beverages)
Cafรฉ Coffee
Leite Milk
Suco Juice
Chรก Tea
Iogurte Yogurt
Comidas (Food)
Pรฃo Bread
Pรฃo de Queijo Pรฃo de Queijo
Pรฃo Doce Sweet bread
Torrada Toast
Queijo Cheese
Presunto Ham
Mortadela Mortadela
Gelรฉia Jam / Jelly
Manteiga Butter
Bolo Cake
Biscoitos Cookies / Crackers
Ovos Mexidos Scrambled Eggs
Ovo Cozido Boiled Eggs
Cereal Cereal
Frutas Fruits

Differences Between Regions

Of course, the most obvious Brazilian breakfast foods revolve around coffee, fruit, pรฃo de queijo (cheese puffs made from cassava flour) … But the reality is that each region in Brazil adds its own twist to their breakfast to include their own typical food. So, let’s take a look at these differences, shall we?

North: It is in the northern region that the beautiful Amazon rainforest is located, and therefore, this region has a strong influence from Brazilian indigenous peoples. Some ingredients that are very typical to this region and that are common for breakfast are: aรงaรญ, peach palm, coconut and banana. As well as, of course, a lot of maniocs (cassava) present in tapioca, cakes and flour.

Northeast: The northeast region promotes a true mixture of traditions, with Portuguese, African and indigenous influences. It is common for people to eat tapioca, yams, cassava, roll cake, and curd cheese. But the highlight goes to the cuscuz! It can be accompanied by milk, eggs or just a little butter!

Midwest: This region carries a strong mixture of indigenous traditions but also of our Spanish-speaking brothers. We have chipa (a version of the well-known cheese bread) and foforรณ (similar to the flour biscuit). In the Pantanal region, the breakfast for manual workers is the quebra-torto, served between 4 and 5 am. It is a dish composed of rice, cassava, eggs, farofa and can be accompanied by milk, sweet coffee or sugarcane juice.

Southeast: The Southeast region was mainly influenced by Italian and Portuguese customs. For breakfast, it is common to find bread on the grill, pรฃo de queijo, cheese, iced mate or natural juices.

South: The greatest influence of food from this region is German and Italian. It is common for a breakfast that includes sausages, jams, cheeses and cuca – a fruit cake that has a sweet and crunchy farofa on top.

Test your Pronunciation!

We have seen a little about the common ground for the traditional Brazilian breakfast, and also the differences that each region has developed. So now we will take a look at a video about this vocabulary for breakfast in Portuguese! Let’s look at the pronunciation of these Brazilian breakfast dishes, and repeat them so we can learn! Also, if you need, we have subtitles!

Some people don’t have time to have a traditional Brazilian breakfast at home, only on the way to work. Therefore, they don’t eat all of this, or have any time to go through their Brazilian breakfast recipes. So many bakeriesย and dinersย in Brazil serve some sort of basic breakfast. Inย Rio de Janeiro for example, these restaurants have a traditional breakfast that consists in coffee with a splash of milk (that we call pingado) and a pรฃo na chapa (which is a French bread cut in half, with butter, heated in a griddle plate). In some states, likeย Sรฃo Paulo, for example, this type of breakfast is called mรฉdia.

That’s all guys! We have just seen what Brazilians have for a traditional Brazilian breakfast! How is the breakfast in your country? Is it very different from our own breakfast? Which one of these Brazilian breakfast dishes seems the best in your opinion? Share with us leaving a comment!

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Kisses fromย Rio โ™ฅโ™ฅ!

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