Example of Brazilian Christmas food. Roasted chicken.

Hi folks! What’s up? In our Dica today we are going to talk about the Brazilian Christmas food, and learn what we eat for a Brazilian Christmas dinner. Let’s see the most common dishes on our table and learn more about each of them:

Learning Brazilian Christmas Food

Example of Brazilian Christmas food: Arroz de Natal. Christmas rice.

Arroz de natal or Arroz Natalino is a must have in the Christmas table. It goes well with almost all other dishes. What makes it so special is the amount of ingredients in the rice such as peas, corn, mushroom, ham, carrots and of course, raisins.

Example of Brazilian Christmas food. Roasted chicken.

Frango Assado is a great substitute for the turkey if you want to save some money! You will find lots of Chesters in the supermarket which is the name we give to a bigger chicken, because they have a big chest.

Example of Brazilian Christmas food. Christmas Turkey.

Peru de Natal is also part of the Brazilian Christmas dinner, but as we said, some Brazilian families prefer the Chester because it’s cheaper and easier to prepare.

Example of Brazilian Christmas food. O pernil.

Pernil is the name we use to refer to the roasted leg of an animal and on Christmas dinner we usually cook pork. A good suggestion, if you are preparing it, is to marinate if in white wine before baking it in the oven.

Example of Brazilian Christmas food: O bacalhau.

Bacalhau is the main ingredient of different dishes at Christmas. Empadão de bacalhau, bolinho de bacalhau, bacalhoada, it doesn’t matter what you are cooking. As long as you are using bacalhau, people will love it.

Example of Brazilian Christmas food. Fruits.

Frutas are included in the Christmas dinner of every Brazilian family. It’s a hot country, they are really cheap and delicious. So, why not?

Example of Brazilian Christmas food. A rabanada

A Rabanada is one of the really special dishes on the Christmas table. It’s only prepared at Christmas time and if you try to make it in any other time of the year, forget it, it will just taste different. Magic? Maybe!

Example of Brazilian Christmas food. Os salgadinhos.

Every Brazilian party must have Salgadinhos, and the Christmas dinner is no different. Prepare lots of them because they are going to be the first to disappear from the Christmas table.

Walnuts in Portuguese: Nozes

There many types of Nozes in Brazil but the one you are looking at are walnuts. Just remember to bring a nutcracker or you won’t eat any.

Cooked chestnuts in Portuguese: Castanhas cozidas.

If you are preparing Castanhas cozidas, make sure to buy Castanhas Portuguesas. They are rich in vitamin B and C and also a great source of protein.

Pudding in Portuguese: O pudim.

Pudim is one of the most desired desserts in a Brazilian Christmas Dinner. It can be a Pudim de Leite or a Pudim de Pão. Both are easy to prepare and even easier to eat.

If you are in love with Brazilian Sweets then you have to bring Manjar to the Christmas dinner. By the end of the dinner you’ll find yourself enjoying this delicious coconut pudim.

Example of Brazilian Christmas food. O chocottone.

Another very common sweet that we have for our Brazilian Christmas dinner is chocottone. It’s like a bread/cake with chocolate inside. We also have a panettone that is the same things but with fruits inside.

There are still many other dishes on a Brazilian table, but these were some of the most typical ones. The Christmas Dinner is very important and, usually, starts at midnight, after we wish Merry Christmas to our friends and family. It’s also very common in Brazil, after we eat a little of our own dinner, neighbors visit each other to eat a little of their culinary delights as well. This represents the bond of friendship Brazilians have.

Brazilian Christmas dinner

Would you like to prepare any of this traditional Brazilian Christmas food? Click on the links below and check the recipe:

Arroz de Natal
Peru de Natal
Frango Assado
Castanha Cozida

And what are the Brazilian Christmas dinner beverages? We usually drink soda, water, juice, and of course wine!

That’s it, friends! Now we know a little more about the Brazilian Christmas food, come to our classes and talk about culture and traditions with our teachers!

How is the Christmas Dinner in your country? What are the most typical dishes? Is there any big traditions for the Dinner?

We, from Rio & Learn, wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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