Brazilian Cooking Class in Rio – RioLIVE! Weekends

8 de April de 2022

Meeting 13:15h at Rio & Learn
Cost of the activity: 200,00 reais (Brazilian Cuisine Class)
Includes:Β Appetizer + Main Course + 2 Drinks + Brazilian Cooking Class

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Want to have a Brazilian Cooking class in Copacabana while practicing your Portuguese? Let’s learn how to prepare typical Brazilian food and drinks and afterwards eat what you’ve prepared. Additionally, you will learn about Brazilian culture with gastronomy. In this activity, students will mix and blend ingredients to produce a typical Brazilian dish.

Knowing the cuisine of a country is a great way to be embedded in the culture and get more in touch with the locals. Brazilians love to cook, talk and teach others about their cooking techniques. Brazilian cuisine is getting more and more international recognition and prestige every day because of the great variety of ingredients, seasonings, and unique creations.

An amazing Brazilian cooking class in Rio

An amazing experience Brazilian Cuisine Class in Rio de Janeiro.
An amazing experience Brazilian Cuisine Class in Rio de Janeiro.

The native food is very diverse with different tastes and unique flavors. Every region of Brazil has its own way to season, resulting in having countless tastes and even fusion from other countries, due to immigration throughout the years.

Let’s learn and see face to face the different exotic ingredients, techniques and flavors that you can use to make your meals. A delicious combination: speaking Portuguese, learning about Brazilian cuisine, having fun and eating our savory creations. You will have an appetizing experience with the Brazilian cooking class in Rio de Janeiro.

Let’s practice Portuguese while cooking with this fun cooking class at RioLIVE! Activity

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Trying and learning Brazilian Cuisine
Brazilian cooking class in Rio. Brazilian Portuguese students ready to eat moqueca in Copacabana.