Brazilian Cuisine

Batida de coco at Brazilian Cuisine Class.

Batida de coco at Brazilian Cuisine Class.

I dont cook generally, I can cook just enough to survive.  So I was a bit nervous about going to the COOK IN RIO activity.  But now that I have been I can say it was probably the best activity I have done at Rio and Learn.  Simone was excellent, spoke excellent English in case you didnt understand the Portuguese.  In one afternoon I have a much better understanding of cooking and in particular Brazilian dishes, the caipirinhas were also great for creating a relaxed mood!  I highly recommend doing this activity.

Richard Spence, Australia.

To know the brazilian cuisine was a challenge for our students. We met at Rio & Learn and walked to Cook In Rio for an exciting cooking class with the Chef Simone. As students were very shy, the chef started to cheer them by teaching how to prepare a delicious coconut smoothie. Then we started with the appetizers and the chef taught us some recipes that could be made with cheese, teaching students the vocabulary for spices used by brazilian people.

While we were eating, we could learn a little about the culture of brazilian cuisine, it was a wonderful practice of portuguese. Before preparing the main course, the teacher surprised us with a delicious caipirinha recipe with passion fruit and lime. Students loved it and promissed to do it again in their houses. In the end we got to the main course and main challenge. Chef Simone taught us the techniques to season the fish and we started working on it. The girls prepared a Farofa de Banana and the boys a Moqueca. And finally we had lunch. It was a delicious and unique experience.

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